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Floor care 101

TODAY contributor Lou Manfredini offers advice on cleaning floors.

It doesn't matter what you're walking on, when it comes to floor care, one product doesn't fit all. Whether stone, hardwood or carpeting, each type of floor needs some special TLC to keep it looking bright and shiny, without replacing them.

To clean your floors the right way you need to right products and techniques.

Let's face it, no one likes to clean, especially the floor. And with so many cleaners on the market it is hard to decide what to use and how. You need to use the right cleaner that not only brightens things up but does not ruin the floor too. Here are some tips on three of the most common floor coverings in American homes and how to take care of them:Hardwood
Wood flooringin my opinion is the best overall option when it comes to a flooring choice in your home. It is the only renewable one available and it's a feature that makes a listing sheet if and when you decide to sell your home. Now your grandmother or mother may have instructed you to use a mix of vinegar and water to clean the floor. No disrespect, but that is the worse thing you could do. Vinegar is an acid and over time this mix will dull the floor, and personally I do not like the smell. Other cleaners need to be rinsed and can leave a film which actually can help the dirt and grime to build up. What you should be using is a PH balanced cleaner such as Bona Kemi ™ hardwood floor cleaner. This cleaner is made by a Swedish company that makes one of the best commercial water-based wood floor finishes on the market. The cleaner along with its micro-fiber pad pulls the dirt from the floor. The best part is you do not have to get on your hands and knees to clean! To learn more check out

Now if you have children and carpeting, you have stains. And getting them out is a dicey proposition because you're afraid that you may make them worse. And did you know that most carpet stain removers actually void your manufacturers warrantee? Tech™ stain remover will take out almost any stain from your carpeting, upholstery and clothing. It's the only cleaner approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute (who knew there was such a thing?). You squirt some cleaner on the stain and then use a clean terry cloth to absorb the stain. It works great. It is sold online and at hardware stores and grocery stores nationwide. See

Stone and tile
Stone and tile floors need special care when it comes to cleaning. So many of the cleaners that you see in the store or on TV will not work on natural stone floors. In fact they can dull and damage the shine that is on the floor. SCI ™ makes a neutral cleaner that can be used not only on floors but stone walls too. See

Grout stains can sometimes get so embedded that no matter what you try you cannot get the stain out. So removing that grout is the only answer. Now with a Dremel XPR ™ and the grout removal attachment you can remove the grout easily and then replace the grout for a new floor look. The tool costs around $79.00 but you'll find a lot more uses for it around your home. See

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