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Flaunt your style with fab furniture you create

Save money and turn ordinary pieces into something extraordinary. Sarah Humphreys, editor-in-chief of Blueprint magazine, offers tips on creating the perfect furniture.
/ Source: TODAY

Want to learn how to morph nightstands into vanity dressing tables, or stools into large benches? Well, you're in luck! Sarah Humphreys, editor-in-chief of Blueprint Magazine, has some helpful hints on how to transform ordinary pieces of furniture into something extraordinary. So if you can't find the perfect piece for your home, you can create it! Not only will you save money, you can also show off your personal style. Here are her tips:

1. Double desk
How to do it?

You start with two simple desks or slender work tables. Order from a plastics supplier, a large Plexiglas panel. Insert the Plexiglas between the two desks. Push the two desks together. By combining two desks and Plexiglas you can make the perfect desk for a small home office. It creates two work zones without breaking up the room and due to the Plexiglas, light can flow freely through the room. Your walls are left open for books shelves.

What you saw on TODAY:

  • Work tables: West Elm, $249 each
  • Plexiglas divider: Contact your local plastics supplier, about $200

For more on this desk how-to, go to the Blueprint website.

2. Coffee table
How to do it?

Paint four fiberboard or wooden cubes in high-gloss white paint. Paint the interior of the cubes in the color of your choice. Slide cubes together so one opening appears on each side of the finished table. Fill interiors with books, blankets, etc. This collection of cubes can form the perfect coffee table but it can also provide storage! You can also separate the cubes to make individual coffee tables or side tables if you are having a party and need space for your guests to mingle.

What you saw on TODAY:

  • Modular Storage Cube:, $25 each

For more on this coffee table how-to, go to the Blueprint website.

3. Bracket bench
How to do it?

Buy basic stools. Paint each stool in a high-gloss latex. It's best to paint the tops in one color and the legs in another. It will help give the impression of a single piece of furniture. Drill a hole through each leg, that will be attached, one inch from the bottom. Push a 2 1/2-inch machine screw through each pair of joining legs and secure with washer and lock nut. Paint over the screw and washer to mask. This connected strand of stools is perfect at the end of a bed, long foyer, or hallway. It can be the perfect place to throw your bag down when you get home. Since the benches are connected you can use as many as needed to fit the space you need to fill.

What you saw on TODAY:

  • Stackable Birch Stools:, $86 for set of 4

For more on this bracket bench how-to, go to the Blueprint website.

4. Patchwork runner
How to do it?

Can't afford an expensive runner for your hallway? Now you can make one! By piecing together small floor mats you can make a runner in your price range, and by mixing patterns and designs you can have a one-of-a-kind design!

Depending on your hallway, pick out a few two by three-foot cotton or wool flat-woven rugs. Choose simple geometric patterns and stick to one color scheme. Iron the rugs to flatten them. Arrange them face down, seams perfectly aligned. Cover each seam with duct tape, or if you are a stitcher, sew them together with a hooked carpet needle and nylon carpet thread.

What you saw on TODAY:

  • Rugs: Dash and Albert Rug Company, $28 each

For more on this patchwork runner how-to, go to the Blueprint website.

5. Roomy vanity
How to do it?

By combining two nightstands, a plate of glass, and mirrors you can make a vanity perfect for your home. A vanity is perfect for storing toiletries, make-up and keeping your jewelry organized. Many vanities available in stores are too old or glamour girl, but this modern look is perfect for any women.

Get two nightstands, the more drawers the better. Order a 3/4-inch piece of glass from a local glass supplier. Paint the glass edges and the nightstands' frames. Lift the glass onto the stands. Position mirror on top of the nightstand. 

What you saw on TODAY:

  • Nightstands: Ikea, $50 each
  • Vanity glass top: Contact your local glass supplier, about $200

For more on this roomy vanity how-to, go to the Blueprint website.