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This fitted sheet storage hack is either brilliant or 'disgusting'

The handy hack has left people with some strong feelings.
/ Source: TODAY

Do you ever feel like folding fitted sheets is a totally tedious (and kind of tricky) task?

This bedding essential is notorious for getting tangled in a ball and can be a pain to store neatly in the closet, even if you've got Marie Kondo-level folding skills. But one Twitter user has a handy hack for the best way to store those frustrating fitted sheets.

Earlier this week, @Shenanigans_luv shared words of wisdom with followers, revealing that she skips the storage step altogether and simply stacks her fitted sheets on the bed to speed up the process of changing them.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but you can put two or three fitted sheets on your bed at a time and just remove the top one when it’s dirty instead of always folding them and putting them away," she wrote.

The unconventional organization method instantly sparked a debate among Twitter users, who were pretty passionate about the subject. Some of @Shenanigans_luv's followers were intrigued by the idea, but the vast majority rejected it, calling the hack "unhygienic," "disgusting" and "uncomfortable."

The 3rd Hour of TODAY anchors weighed in on the polarizing topic, and they also had some pretty strong feelings about the hack.

"At first I thought, 'Alright, I get it. I'm like, oh, that's a good idea.' Because I just literally put my hands in the sheet and roll it and throw it in the closet," Dylan Dreyer said. "But aren't you just sweating through layers?"

Al Roker didn't see that as a problem, though: "But that's the idea. Then you take off that top layer and you've still got another layer."

Willie Geist agreed, and liked the idea of having such a soft layer of sheets underneath him, but Dylan still couldn't get past the hygienic aspect of it all.

The TODAY anchors weighed the pros and cons of storing your fitted sheets on the bed.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Yeah, but (the bottom sheets are) dirty because sheets are so thin. Things go through sheets," she said.

To which Al laughed and said "If you're sweating that much, a fitted sheet is the least of your problems."

Sheinelle Jones wasn't shocked by the concept of stacking sheets and said her nephew used to do something similar. "He would do it just because he didn't feel like changing the sheets all the time. So he would just take it off and have the next one (ready)," she said.

Still, Willie wasn't fully convinced by the hack, and thought it would take too much effort: "I think it's hard enough to put one fitted sheet on the bed; it takes me like 20 minutes. To then put three on at once? Who has the time?"

Sheinelle had secretly hoped that @Shenanigans_luv had some kind of folding hack to offer up, and Dylan was quick to offer her own: "The secret is you gotta go corner to corner."