Fashion designer Dina Bar-El looks for fresh start

Fashion is fickle, and so is interior design. No one might know that better than fashion designer and celebrity stylist Dina Bar-El.

The German-born former model has had a tough time over the years trying to sell her Beverly Hills home ─ all while trying to keep up with the high-flying, high-roller, love-‘em-and-leave-‘em world of fashion.

Dina Bar-El remodeled her 90210 home in the 1980s, making it a virtual model of open floor plan design.

But to prove how serious she is now to part with her 90210 ZIP code abode, Bar-El has dropped the price to $5.495 million. Maybe that’s the right price for a home that was once the spitting image of modernity but is now a little dated.

In fact, the greatest selling point of Bar-El’s home may be its coveted location.

“What she did in the ’80s was very avant-garde, but tastes change so quickly,” said Joe Babajian, who holds the listing for Rodeo Realty.

Back in the 1980s, when Bar-El bought the place, the home was a virtual showroom model of open floor plan design. She stripped it down to the studs to create a great room and first-floor master suite. The home is replete with mirrors and the sleek design that was the hallmark of the era.

While her dresses have a certain timeless elegance and pizzazz, Bar-El’s fashion career in the U.S. has also been in a bit of a decline since she last clothed Kate Hudson in the 2003 film, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

Dina Bar-El's Beverly Hills home, listed for $5.495 million, is two doors down from the home that Sofia Vergara just bought.

Still, she continues to create for buyers internationally. On her website, Bar-El is said to have “astutely weathered the economic climate by selling internationally, while continuing to grow a following of celebrities and stylists worldwide.”

And while she is looking to cut ties with her Beverly Hills home, the stylist is said to be looking for a comeback in fashion as she plans to re-launch sales in the U.S.

You never know. What goes around comes around in style. And since glamour-comedian Sofia Vergara just bought a home two doors down from Bar-El’s Beverly Hills home, maybe the “Modern Family” star might want to pick something out of Bar-El’s closet.

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