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Get organized! 4 easy tips to whip your bedroom into shape

Bedrooms often become a catch all for household items, but with these four tips you'll be able to keep it organized for good.
/ Source: TODAY

The bedroom may just be the hardest room to keep organized.

It's become more than a place to sleep — it's a place to work, watch TV and relax at the end of a long day. So it's no surprise that it's a difficult space to keep clean. Lifestyle contributor Elizabeth Mayhew has four tips that will make it much easier to not only get your bedroom clean, but to keep it organized throughout the year.

1. Maximize space with vertical shelving

Mayhew suggests dedicating one room of your bedroom to shelving. It can create a library feel, or be used as a headboard.

The Billy bookcases from IKEA are a cost effective way to create a wall of storage. In addition to styling with books and decorative objects, pretty boxes can be used as much-needed storage.

2. Use the space under the bed

Invest in long plastic containers to store seasonal wardrobe elements like large sweaters and coats. Suitcases and boxes of necessary but outdated files are also good objects for the space underneath the bed since they take up so much space.

3. Don't forget the foot of the bed

In lieu of a bench, opt for a cute chest that can hold your spare blankets, pillows or even excess clothing.

4. Choose a wardrobe that can conceal your work space

Since bedrooms often act as a home office as well, Mayhew suggests investing in a wardrobe that closes up entirely so that the stresses of work don't cramp a restful space.