Get a brand new home with four easy DIY projects

If you've ever wanted to update your home, but fear the word "renovation," these quick fixes are for you. Kevin O'Connor, of PBS's "This Old House," stopped by TODAY to share his tips on refinishing a bathroom, creating a home office and more — all in a short amount of time, and for a price you can actually afford.

WATCH: Update your home with 4 DIY projects

Build your own kitchen island
For a quick and inexpensive way to get some more counter space in your kitchen, simply add a butcher block top to an existing piece of furniture, like an old table or dresser. Stores like IKEA carry small slabs of these blocks starting around just $80. 

To install, drill holes in the top of the butcher block, then put down a bead of caulk or glue adhesive. Reach inside the top drawer of the furniture (or under the top of it) and attach with a deck screw and a fender washer — these will work like a clamp. 

Once finished, be sure to cure your butcher block with mineral oil. 

Update old bathroom tile 
If you have ugly, dated bathroom tile and no money to replace it, this is the fix for you. In just a weekend, you can give your bathroom an updated and sophisticated look — without forking over the cash to replace anything.

With a product from Rust-Oleum, like the Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit (approximately $25), you can turn your tile white in just two steps. You can also repaint tile to achieve a more natural look, like stone, in colors like beige or gray. 

The kit comes with different products that will help the color stick without the hassle of sanding. Plus, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions — just add paint!

Make your bathroom kid-friendly
Another way to switch up your bathroom is by adding rubber flooring, like Active Rubber Tiles. These tiles come in 20 different colors that kids will love, and make a quick fix for yucky bathroom tile you'd like to cover up. Plus rubber tile is safer and more comfortable than traditional tile — it has a softer feel on kids' feet and prevents them from slipping. 

And at $4.25 per square foot, it's also budget-friendly. To assemble, simply snap together, caulk around the outside edges, then put down trim to hold it in place. It can be cut with a box cutter to fit, and easily ripped out if damaged.

Create an office in your closet
If you'd like a home office but don't have the space, simply convert an unused and unnecessary closet into your own work haven. 

To do this, remove the clothes bar and add an upper, covered storage area, a floating middle shelf and a work surface (a closet organization system from IKEA works well).