Doggy design! 13 home items you and your pet will love

Are pet bowls, toys, treats and other random items taking over your home? Real Simple magazine's Stephanie Sisco stopped by Studio 1A on Friday to show Kathie Lee and Hoda how to reign in the madness with style. 

Waggo Splatter Dog Bowl

Get ready for spring with these bowls that come in fun color schemes, including light pink or charcoal. These bowls are also dishwasher safe, so giving them a good cleaning is a sinch ($22,

The Original Black Pet Bowl Mats

This machine-washable mat is made with super-absorbent microfiber material that can hold up to four times its weight in water while it helps protect floors from any spills, and its anti-skid backing also keeps the mat — and bowls — in place. “It’s super absorbent and makes clean up a breeze,” Sisco said ($5-$8, Bed, Bath and Beyond).

Splatter Dog Bowl

While dog bowls come in fun and dynamic patterns these days, you may want to consider this drinking fountain for your dog’s hydration. “Cats and dogs prefer movable water, so this keeps the water flowing throughout the day,” Sisco said ($19.99, Bed, Bath and Beyond).

Toile Dog Food Placemat

Keep dog food where it belongs with this placemat. Its chic design also won a sustainability design award, so it’s good for your dog, home and the planet ($20,

Richell Take Pet Serving Cabinet

This dual-purpose pet feeder keeps the pet bowls elevated, allowing for extra storage beneath that keeps those pet treats and other miscellaneous items out of sight ($68.99, Bed, Bath and Beyond).

Merry Products Cat Washroom

Litter boxes don’t always blend nicely with home décor, but this 'washroom' was created to change that. This cabinet stores a litter box that can be easily accessed through a kitty door on the front ($79.99,

Petmat Scoop ‘N Hide Cat Litter Scoop

Keep that pooper scooper sanitary and stored with this scoop and storage system. Offered in assorted colors, the easy-to-use design allows you to clean up quickly, while the units’ base traps unpleasant odors ($10.49,

Petco Premium Two-Door Dog Crate

Looking for a pet crate? Consider this heavy-weight wire crate that is collapsible, so it can be easily stored when not in use ($72,

Crate Cover

Is that dog crate an eye soar in the living room? This stylish crate cover comes in various patterns so you can match your cover with your décor. It has features two panels that roll down fully, or can be snapped at the top for easy access ($4,

Storage Sofa

Keep your pets off the sofa by giving them their own. This plus mini-fainting couch features a seat that can be raised, allowing for an extra storage spot for those toys, bones and other knick knacks ($70,

Eco Good Dog Toy Storage Bin

Made from 100 percent recycled materials, this pet toy bin is an eco-friendly and simple way to store pet toys. “It’s easy to toss stuff in and your dog or cat knows where to go and get their products,” Sisco said ($42,

Meadow Pet Rug

Give your pet a plush place to lounge with this vibrant shag rug. It’s durable, lightweight and machine washable. “Cats especially like to knead on the cozy fibers,” Sisco said. “For dogs, you can actually stuff it with a pillow or cushion to make it more cozy" ($75,

Cat Nip Tipi

The teepee has become a trendy piece of home décor, and now pets can get in on the fun piece with their very own. This particular model is made from cotton canvas panels, birch poles and suede lace, making it not only a go-to nap spot for pets, but also a dynamic addition to the home ($54,