Downward dog indeed! This pooch knows how to do yoga

Have you always wanted to try yoga but couldn't find anyone to do it with you? Well, next time look no further than your pooch. In this video, a man in Italy is joined by his dog for what seems to be a regular yoga routine. While his owner is speaking Italian, it’s very easy to follow along and see his pup understands every word. Now that gives new meaning to downward dog!

Looks like dogs make the perfect Yoga partners. The popular exercise has proven to be great for humans health. Maybe it can help dogs too. Who says they can’t get in tune with their spiritual side! And call us crazy, but it looks like this dog has done this before. The cute Chihuahua seems very calm and relaxed. While we can’t understand a word the owner is saying, it’s obvious he and his dog have a very strong bond. And even if the cute dog doesn’t grab your attention we think the hot Italian guy should. 

Ashley Smalls is an iVillage contributing writer. Find her on Google+.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.