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Do Angry Mama, Rollie Eggmaster, Eggstractor work like on TV?

Angry Mama microwave cleaner, the Rollie Eggmaster, the Eggstractor: Do these kitchen products work as well as they appear to in their ads?
/ Source: TODAY

Wednesday on TODAY, Rossen Reports' special series "Does It Work?" heated up — in the kitchen.

The Rossen Reports team tried out three products that promise to make your life easier in the kitchen, from cooking to cleaning: Angry Mama microwave cleaner (the commercial says it "powers through grease to dissolve hard, caked-on messes"); the Rollie Eggmaster ("the fast, easy, pan-free way to make perfect eggs every time"), and the Eggstractor ("peels hard boiled eggs instantly and perfectly"). In all three cases, the results were not exactly "as seen on TV."

The maker of the Angry Mama tells NBC News that for more caked-on food, consumers "may need to pour the remaining liquid onto the plate, and run the microwave another minute or so to further soften the spill."

The maker of the Rollie tells NBC News: "The food may be poured out at any time during the cooking process for a desired taste," and cook times vary depending on many factors.

The maker of the Eggstractor tells NBC News that the product is "based on sound scientific principles" but there is a "learning curve" to getting it to work well.

The lesson: Do your research before you buy products you see on TV. Most of them have reviews online, and even videos of people trying them out. Consulting them could save you time and money.

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