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Splish splash! 5 DIY water games for kids to enjoy

Try one of these five fun water DIYs and make new memories with your own kids this season!
/ Source: TODAY

Conjure some of your fondest summertime memories from childhood, and you’ll probably think up backyard games involving water as a way to cool off and have a blast. Try one of these five fun water DIYs and make new memories with your own kids this season!

Tricycle car wash

Amy Christie

Drill holes in PVC pipe to create a mock carwash your kids can drive their trikes right through — over and over again! This project, by "This Heart of Mine" blogger Amy Christie, comes with a construction plan that is easier to follow than you might guess. Find the tutorial here.

Dunk bucket

The Happy Housewife

You don’t need a trip to the county fair to have dunk-tank style fun. The "Happy Housewife" blog has a tutorial to create a version of the classic game right in your backyard using a bucket and a chair. Find it here.

Water blob

Clumsy Crafter

Tape the edges of a clear tarp and fill with water to create a squishy, water-filled blob-like play surface. Let the sprinklers run over the top for more of a slip-and-slide-like experience. Bonus: Fill with glitter or other playful objects for an even bigger wow factor! The "Clumsy Crafter" shows you how here.

Sponge water bombs


Water balloons are a hit with kids, but they take forever to fill — and no time to break. Instead, give the kids a longer-lasting party game with water bombs made cheaply from strips of sponges, using this how-to from the "Chic Site."

Water wall

Things to Share and Remember

Use ordinary kitchen recyclables to create your own version of a pegboard water wall. The site "Things to Share and Remember" has an example of how to put together the fun toy quickly, cheaply and without overthinking. Find it here.

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