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10-minute DIY: How to make ombre spoons

Ombre isn't just for hair tossing starlets.
/ Source: TODAY

Ombre isn’t just for hair tossing starlets.

Graduating colors can transform anything from blah to beautiful — even a set of cheap kitchen utensils. "Say Yes" blogger Liz Stanley give a basic six-piece set of wooden spoons and spatulas a gorgeous ombre upgrade without breaking a sweat.

Liz Stanley

“We made these for the Fourth of July, but you can make them for any season by mixing up the colors,” says Stanley. “It’s a really simple way to make a useful kitchen gift more beautiful and personalized.” Plus, it’s crazy easy to make — you’ll get a lot of wow for very little work.

Liz Stanley

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden utensil set
  • Masking tape
  • Foam brush
  • Royal blue paint
  • White paint

What to do:

1. Wrap masking tape around each utensil to mark off where you want the paint to end.

2. Paint the bluest spoon first.

3. Add white to blue to create paint one shade lighter, then paint the next spoon. *

4. Repeat until you reach pure white.

5. Add a second coat to each and let dry.

*Keep a reserve of each shade for the second coat.

If you plan to actually use the spoons, be sure to hand wash them. Think they’re too pretty to be put to work? Display them in a glass jar to add some color to your kitchen.