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By -iVillage

Crafty, sparkly and easy to make, our DIY holiday greeting cards are the perfect way to send holiday cheer through the mail to your loved ones this year!

What You'll Need:


White paint or Elmer's glue

Fine glitter in multiple colors


STEP 1. Fold the piece of cardstock in half. Draw the holiday lights string with a marker or paint pen.

STEP 2. Dip your fingertip into white paint or glue.

STEP 3. Carefully press your fingertip down on the front of the card close to the line you just drew.

STEP 4. Before the paint or glue dries, sprinkle fine glitter over your fingerprint.

STEP 5. Repeat the process of making fingerprints with paint or glue and coating them with glitter.

STEP 6. Write a festive message on the front of the card. Add a personal message inside, then send to your family and friends!

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.