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Considering a corkboard wall? Here's what to know

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to decorate a wall in your kid's room? Consider a corkboard wall.
/ Source: TODAY

Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to decorate a wall in your kid’s room? Consider a corkboard wall. Lifestyle blogger Amanda Rodriguez, aka The Dude Mom, recently did this DIY project and not only is she a huge fan of how it turned out — but she's also sharing what she wish she knew about the project.

Amanda Rodriguez

Her favorite part is that they can change the decor daily without much hassle. “The kids also love that their artwork actually winds up somewhere other than the box in the basement or the trash can,” she told “It gives us all a place we are comfortable displaying it.”

Amanda Rodriguez

What to buy

For the project, she purchased a foam board and nailed to the wall, then hot glued corkboard tiles to the foam. “The second layer is a must,” she says. “Otherwise you’ll have to hot glue to your actual wall and/or wind up with holes all over that need patching if you choose to remove it.”

Measure and repeat

In her blog, where she recounts the step-by-step process, Rodriguez emphasized the importance of measuring the area. “You will wind up having to place three separate orders on Amazon to get enough coverage for your wall. Don’t ask me how I know this,” she joked.

Lighting and sound

One thing she points out to those who are planning to do this to their own home is to consider the lighting and the sound.

“It changes the composition of your room more than just aesthetically,” she says. “It was fine, but other people might not like the results if you don't plan for them. We added a string of lights to it that my kids really enjoy and we will change them out during the holiday season. It really does add versatility in a way just a basic board wouldn't.”

Stretch before

Her biggest complaint about the project was the labor involved. “My arms got so tired from holding the panels over my head and to the wall,” she says. “Probably I just needed a real ladder instead of a step stool... and a few burpees to warm me up.”

But overall, Rodriguez says she’s 100 percent happy with her decision to do this project. “It's so fun to decorate, and it was inexpensive and easy to do,” she says.