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This blogger's DIY clipboard wall is a genius solution for clutter

Brianna Thomas calls it a "life-changing" hack that's better than filing papers away.
/ Source: TODAY

Feel like you’re drowning in paper when you’re sitting at your desk? Here’s a genius DIY trick for your home office that’s both functional and stylish.

Brianna Thomas of Groton, Massachusetts, found her desk was always covered in stacks of paper. “I tend to surround myself with notes, lists, bills, school forms, kids' artwork …” she told TODAY Home.

“Filing things away would solve the mess but not the visual prompt to take action,” she explained. “It occurred to me that I could take advantage of the vertical space in the room.”

DIY clipboard wall
Instead of letting stacks of paper take over your desk, try this vertical solution!Brianna Thomas/ Bloom in the Black

That’s when her clipboard wall idea came about. “I’ve always loved when people use clipboards to create a rotating gallery of their kids’ artwork, so I figured, why wouldn’t that work for paper?”

In just 30 minutes, Thomas created a gallery wall of nine clipboards in her home office — a system that she now swears is life-changing.

She has three rules for organizing her papers with them:

  1. Group like with like. For example, add bills to pay on one clipboard, grocery shopping lists on another, etc.
  2. When it’s time to tackle a task, grab your clipboard and get to work.
  3. Once the task is finished, recycle or file the paper and place the clipboard back in its designated spot.
DIY clipboard wall
Use as few or as many clipboards as you need.Brianna Thomas/ Bloom in the Black

“When I’m ready to work on something, I grab the corresponding clipboard off the wall and dig in,” she said. “Everything I need to complete or make progress on a given task is right there for me to take action on. When I’m done, I recycle the pages I don’t need anymore and hang the board back on the wall.”

Plus, it’s a portable system. “If I’m working on a blog or a meal plan, I’ll grab a board and bring it with me to work on while watching TV with the family or making dinner.”

DIY clipboard wall
This whiteboard mural is another fun way to stay organized!Brianna Thomas/ Bloom in the Black

The clipboard wall is just one part of Thomas’ complete home office makeover, which was completed in about five weeks and cost a total of $850. Some of the other updates included fresh paint, a new light fixture and a whiteboard wall mural that is perfect for brainstorming or just getting creative.

DIY clipboard wall
The home office was completely transformed in about five weeks.Brianna Thomas/ Bloom in the Black

See more pictures of the office renovation at Thomas’ blog, Bloom in the Black.