DIY chalkboard frame hostess gift

Betsy Blundell / Today
DIY Chalkboard Frame Message Board

It's holiday party season - don't show up empty handed! Our chalkboard frame DIY project is the perfect hostess gift. Arrive with it as a labeled appetizer or cheese plate and once the party's over, your hostess can hang it on the wall and reuse it as a message board! Pretty and practical - we love it!

What You'll Need:

  • Picture frame (look for one that is about 11" x 14" with an ornate frame edge)
  • Paint primer
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint brush
  • Chalk
  • Glass cleaner
  • A holiday party!

STEP 1. Take apart the picture frame and wipe down the glass with glass cleaner.

STEP 2. Apply an even coat of primer to one side of the glass and allow to dry completely.

STEP 3. Apply a light, even coat of chalkboard paint. Make your brushstrokes in the same direction (left to right or top to bottom). Allow to dry completely.

STEP 4. Apply a second coat of chalkboard paint with diagonal brushstrokes. Allow to dry completely. Apply two more coats of chalkboard paint, alternating the direction of your brushstrokes on each layer. Allow to dry completely.

STEP 5. Put the frame back together. Make sure the chalkboard paint side is facing outward.

STEP 6. Now it's time to party! Label the appetizers or cheeses you bring with a piece of chalk. Everyone will marvel at your crafty ingenuity!

STEP 7. After the party, wipe the board clean with a damp cloth. Hang the frame on a wall and use it as a message board all year round.


A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.