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Disposable sheets exist and people love them — here's why

Thanks to this up-and-coming bedding trend, changing your bed sheets just got a whole lot easier.
/ Source: TODAY

Just as handkerchiefs and cloth diapers were ultimately replaced with disposable versions, could bedding be next on the list of things where tossing is the norm? Maxwell Cohen, founder of AfreSHeet, says yes.


His company — which was featured on Shark Tank and praised by Martha Stewart — makes a disposable sheet set featuring seven soft waterproof layers that you can peel away each time you’d like clean bedding.

“The trend is catching on slowly but surely,” he told

Having come up with the idea in college — which he joked is when your bed acts as “your kitchen, dining table and hangout spot” — Cohen said the company targets students because there’s a market there. But the most popular place for these disposable sheets right now? Summer camps.

“We already have pre-orders for next summer,” he said. “I’ve also noticed that a lot of people are buying them for their guest homes.” After a busy weekend of house guests, who really has the energy to do a load of laundry once they leave?

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These sheets are great for people who are looking for convenience. And, because they are waterproof, they can also benefit those who experience incontinence problems.

“I believe in the next four to seven years, people will be sleeping on bed sheets like mine or something similar,” he said. And while it may seem wasteful to throw dirty sheets out instead of just putting them in the laundry, Cohen highlights the amount of water, electricity and time saved by doing it this way. Plus disposable sheets also cut back on chemical pollutants from bleach and detergent which you’d be using if you put them in the wash.

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The product is created from a polyester blend that claims to be "cottony soft." Currently, AfreSHeet sells only the extra long twin size, however Cohen says they’ll be expanding their sizes to include everything from crib to queen.

Another company called Beantown Bedding offers 100 percent biobased, biodegradable and compostable sheets. And if you hate the idea of laundering your bedding but aren’t quite ready to jump on the disposable bandwagon yet, there are other companies such as Silvon which offer bacteria-resistant sheets that require less washing.