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From Atlanta to Phoenix, reigning decor styles of major US cities revealed

by Rebekah Lowin /  / Updated  / Source: TODAY

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OK, so maybe you're not making that cross-country move simply to meet people with similar taste in home decor.

Still, thanks to Dot & Bo, a guided home decor shopping service, you could do just that. If you wanted to. Just saying.

The guided shopping service recently had thousands of design experts sift through 100,000 orders shipped to 15 regions across the U.S. to find the home decor styles in highest demand by residents in particular cities.

They've narrowed down their findings, and now they're exclusively sharing the signature styles of a long list of major U.S. cities with TODAY.

Check out their most interesting discoveries below, then be sure to take our quiz to find out exactly where you might fit in. Who knows? You just might pack your bags, meet your home decor soulmate, and live happily ever after.

City skyline of Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta at sunrise.Sean Pavone / Shutterstock


Pretty mint tones and antique-inspired finishes are popular in this Southern destination. That makes sense for a city known for a born-and-bred country style that's still completely cosmopolitan.


This Northeastern city loves clean lines and modern silhouettes. Think Lucite chairs, contemporary glass tables and all-white rooms.


Urban modern style reigns supreme in this bustling Midwestern metropolis. Dot & Bo noted the city's love for sleekly finished wood paired with steel.


Hard-wearing wood and metal gets gussied up with a little Texas twang. Dallas' style can best be summed up as "industrial Southwest."


Here's an interesting one: "Industrial Scandinavian." This city's design style is as clean and crisp as its mountain air, but that doesn't mean it's boring. Gold accents, quiet geometric statement pieces, and stand-alone home accessories keep things uncluttered but captivating.

Kansas City

Rural roots make for a look that's inviting and timeless all at once. Is it any surprise that Kansas City is known for its rustic farmhouse style? Word of advice to those on their way there: Get your Mason jars out of storage and fill them up with the friendliest flowers you can find.

Los Angeles

Urban nomads flock to LA, where festival-inspired home decor is just as popular as ever. This hip, eclectic city has been setting trends for decades, and the newest one seems to be "upscale hippie chic."


We'd have to call this one "contemporary organic." Ultramodern designs (like swirling, unfinished circles and abstract sculptures) are paired with natural elements (they're made of wood, or house leafy green plants) for a unique and glamorous look.

City skyline of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Downtown Minneapolis at sunset.Rudy Balasko / Shutterstock


This Northern city stays true to its European roots with Scandinavian-inspired style. Crisp lines and light, unfinished wood tones abound. What the city lacks in deep color and ultramodern design, it makes up for in breathing room. That's something we've come to appreciate.


Fifty percent vintage, 50 percent country, 100 percent charm. The shabby-chic result makes it seem as though the country stars and boundary-pushing rockers of Nashville's storied past joined forces to decorate all the homes in the area. Because that's totally plausible, right?

New York

Surprise, surprise! New York was characterized simply as "diverse." There were a few too many different things going on to really pin down a signature style. Still, a plethora of eclectic tastes across the board certainly keeps things interesting, exciting and progressive. Plus, who wouldn't want to live in the greatest city in the world?


The landscape and history of this gorgeous desert city seem to have seeped into its homes. Its residents' free-spirited decor choices include rich colors and romantic sunset hues.

City skyline of Portland, Oregon
Sunrise in Portland, Oregon.Josemaria Toscano / Shutterstock


Bright colors and patterns mix with hip modern lines for a creative twist on home design. Edgy statement pieces are hugely popular in this hip city. It looks like the citizens of Portland enjoy thinking outside the box.

San Francisco

The city by the Bay honors both the past and its love of nature with its mid-century style. Organic, earthy tones mix with modern lines and interesting orientations for a unique decor look.


"Natural elements in an urban setting" pretty much sums up this Pacific Northwest hot spot.

Now that you've got the lay of the land, decor-wise, see where you fit in best with this fun quiz:

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