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7 things you can toss from your kid's room right now

From worn-out art supplies to broken toys, see 7 things you can get rid of right now to declutter your kid's room.
/ Source: TODAY

Let’s face it — a kid’s bedroom can be one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. From the toys to the art supplies and everything in between, stuff tends to multiply in there at a faster rate than the rest of the house. If you can’t see your kid’s floor or are fearful of what you'll find behind their closet door, perhaps it’s time to get rid of some things.

7 things to ditch from your kid's room right now

1. Dried or worn-out art supplies

Once upon a time, the colored pencils, markers and crayons in your kid’s room served their purpose, but now that they’re worn down to stubs or completely dried out, toss ‘em! And when you replace them with new ones, make sure they’re all in one container (we love this one from the Container Store.)

2. Things that are no longer played with

Ah, the struggle is real when it comes kids’ taste in things. Preferences change rapidly and interest fades over time when something shiny and new comes around. So, needless to say, you’ve probably got a lot of things that have made their way to the back of the closet or bottom of the bin. Dedicate an afternoon to going through things one by one and sort what you'll keep and what you'll give away.

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3. Old and broken toys

On the same note as above, if a toy no longer works or a board game is missing pieces, get rid of it. Ask your child to pick out their favorite toys (you pick the number based on how much you want to clear out) and donate the rest to a local charity.

4. Clothes that don’t fit anymore

Kids grow like weeds, and that means they also grow out of their clothes fast, too. From too-short pants to too-tight-shirts, these pieces are just taking up room. Allow yourself to save only a handful of their most special outfits for memories or hand me downs, then bring the rest to a children's consignment shop or donate to charity.

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5. Old books

Kids can also outgrow books, too, so if there are any lying around that haven’t interested them in years, donate them to a local library or charity. And for the ones they’ve loved so much that the pages are ripped and the covers are falling apart, it’s time to toss those as well.

6. Furniture and decor they’ve outgrown

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of the toy bin to make room for a homework desk. Or, maybe the pastel rug doesn’t fit your kid’s style anymore. Look around at things that aren’t adding anything special to the room and give it away.

7. Artwork

We know it sounds harsh to encourage taking down some of your child’s homemade drawings, but too many on the walls can create a cluttered feeling. Plus, it’s time to make room for their new masterpieces. Scan and save the old ones to a digital folder, or if you’re feeling ambitious, create a collage out of your favorites. (Here’s a fun project how-to featured on the Huffington Post.)