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7 things you can throw out from your bathroom right now

Declutter your bathroom today by getting rid of these seven things.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes we wonder if things around our house multiply while we’re sleeping. No matter how attentive any of us are of our houses, things tend to accumulate over time. And while we might intend to set time aside to declutter in the spring or after the new year, it’s actually something we should be doing all year long.

The trick is to make sure you’re ditching things that no longer serve you and your family as they appear. Today, we’re looking at items you should get rid of in the bathroom. It’s a rather small space, but it can attract a lot of clutter! Get your trash bag ready, we’re going on a cleaning spree:

7 things you can throw out from your bathroom right now

1. Expired makeup

While it may look okay in the container, expired makeup can turn clumpy and also harbor bacteria which can cause an unfortunate reaction to your skin (think bumps or even infections). Toss and spring for some new products — your skin will thank you.

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2. Stained or torn towels

If you wouldn’t give it to a guest to use, you probably shouldn’t be using it yourself. Have two to three good towels per person and toss or donate your older ones to a local animal shelter. Also: cut up old towels and use them as heavy duty cleaning rags around the house.

3. Expired prescriptions or medicine

Go through and check the expiration date on all your medicine. According to the FDA, if a take-back program is not offered in your area, the best way to dispose most expired pills is to crush them down to a dirt consistency, seal them in a plastic bag, and toss in a trash can. Certain medicines should be flushed — click here to see which ones.

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4. Old toothbrushes

The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months. If yours has seen better days, swap it for a new one.

5. Products you don’t use

We all have that half-empty bottle of shampoo we haven’t opened in six months and the pile of hotel soaps from that work trip in the spring. If you haven’t used it in a while, you probably won’t use it again. Toss!

6. Old hairbrushes

You know that gross brush that’s missing some of its bristles or the comb that doesn’t have all its teeth? It’s time to ditch those and upgrade to ones that will actually work.

7. The kids’ unused bath toys

Yes, the rubber duckie is adorable, but if your kid hasn’t played with it in forever, it’s time to add it to the garage sale pile or donate it to a local charity shop.