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Deal Alert: This TODAY favorite essential oil diffuser is down to $11

One TODAY staffer uses hers every day.
/ Source: TODAY

Waking up in the morning has never been, and will never be, a pleasant experience for me. But, for the past few weeks it's gotten a little bit better due in part to my essential oil diffuser, currently 31 percent off on Amazon.

Before this past Monday, my morning routine was not glamorous. But, I recently found the perfect combination of things to actually wake me up: a record player, a bunch of plants and an essential oil diffuser.

Mynt Essential Oil Diffuser, $11 (usually $16), Amazon

First, I turn on my record player. The beauty of a record is that it keeps playing songs until I physically go lift the needle — much harder to turn off than Spotify.

Then, I place a few drops of lemon essential oil in my diffuser. The bright, citrus scent wakes me up. Don't ask me how. It just does. And, I like to watch the mesmerizing mist for a moment. The tiny device sits on my window sill and looks like the sleek, $100 Japanese diffusers they sell at Muji. I love it.

Then, I take a quick shower, get dressed and water all my plants. I've spread greenery throughout my bedroom, in my living room and my kitchen, so I have to walk around the entire apartment before I'm done. Bonus: It looks pretty, too.

By the time I walk out of the door I'm fully awake and ready to start my day.

I'm thoroughly convinced my essential oil diffuser is at least partly responsible. Plus, I also use eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender oils to make my bedroom smell like a spa in the afternoon. It runs for about 10 hours at a time.

I've been thinking about getting another one for my living room, and call me frugal, but the regular $16 price makes me think twice. With Amazon's Deal of the Day bringing it down to $11, I've already put it in my cart. Why not?

You could also get the popular URPower diffuser a fellow TODAY staffer loves. But, this Mynt one is almost the same and currently cheaper.

Mynt Essential Oil Diffuser, $11 (usually $16), Amazon