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Deal Alert: This 18-piece glass container set is still 57 percent off

It may be time to recycle your plastic containers!
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/ Source: TODAY

With fall right around the corner, we're all getting busier and busier. That means more meals on-the-go and packed lunches for little ones.

Instead of spending $10 on a sandwich for lunch, save money and calories by packing your own. All you really need are nice food storage containers and some leftovers.

That's why we were thrilled to see the 18-piece set of Royal Glass Food Storage Containers is on sale today for only $30, 57 percent off of the original price.

Royal Glass Food Storage Containers 18-Piece Set, $30 (usually $70), Amazon

The BPA-free 18-piece set includes three circular containers and six rectangular containers in seven different portion sizes, all with matching lids.

A few years ago, I bought a 100-piece plastic set of containers thinking that it would make my life so much easier. It didn't. The plastic pieces weren't microwave safe, they couldn't go in the dishwasher and the tops fell off every time I tried to use one (actually increasing the amount of food spills in my kitchen).

With these, there's no need to worry. The glass design makes them microwave safe (without the lids on, of course), freezer safe and dishwasher safe. The clip-lock lid with four "ears" and a silicone seal ensures that food stays fresh inside the container, without spilling.

If the features alone aren't reason enough to bite the bullet on this set, the manufacturer is also offering a 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee, meaning that you can buy these, use them for a month and get a full refund if you hate them.

With nothing to lose, why not? They're already in my cart.

18-Piece Set Royal Glass Food Storage Containers, $30 (usually $70), Amazon