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Giving cash this year? Get creative with these DIY ideas from Pinterest

Try these creative cash gift tutorials from Pinterest.
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/ Source: TODAY

Raise your hand if you've already spent hours searching for gifts for friends and loved ones.

This holiday season, why not skip the hunt for the perfect present and give people what they really want: money. But just because you're giving cash doesn't mean that you can't get creative! Instead of simply putting money inside a card, try one of these DIY ideas from Pinterest that will make getting cash an extra-special treat.

The money tree


Searching for a creative gift for teachers, co-workers or friends? Look no further than this Christmas tree made of money. Who said money can’t grow on trees? Get the tutorial. See the pin.

… Or create a whole forest


These origami trees made out of dollar bills are a fun and festive way to give money to a host this holiday season. Plus, the display is super cute to leave out as decoration. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

Life is like a box of money


Surprise your friends and family with enough money to buy the treat of their choice with this clever and practical gift. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

A bouquet of dollars


This easy and creative bouquet is more sustainable than a bunch of flowers — and more fruitful! Get the tutorial. See the pin.

Mason jar of money from Santa


Use red and green M&M’s to fill a mason jar with holiday colors and hide a roll of cash inside. The surprise of finding money will be an unexpected delight. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

In an emergency gift


If you are stumped on what to get for your friends or family, this is the perfect DIY to make them laugh. It's so easy, you can customize it to anyone's taste! Get the tutorial. See the pin.

Money lei


If you are feeling crafty, look no further than this money lei that the recipient can wear throughout the party. It's infinitely better than a gift card or check! Get the tutorial. See the pin.

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