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Check out the crazy Christmas tree trend that's literally through the roof

One creative man in Portland had the idea to create an optical illusion with his Christmas tree, and this year he finally made it happen.
/ Source: TODAY

The idea of a Christmas tree busting through the living room would bring sheer panic to most, but not Aidan Walters. The 21-year-old from Portland, Oregon came up with a genius hack that's causing his family tree to go viral.

Years ago, Walters had the idea to create an optical illusion with the family Christmas tree, but it wasn't until this year that he was finally able to make it happen.

When Walters visited the local Christmas tree farm with his father Scott and his sister Lauren, they found out that they would be able to choose any tree height for just 40 dollars and Aiden thought to himself, "This is happening this year for sure."

They chose the biggest tree their truck could fit and Walters told TODAY it took 6 people to haul the tree up the hill and into the car!

Walters Family Giant Christmas Tree
The tree was so big it took half a dozen people to get it to the car! Aidan Walters

To create the illusion that their tree was shooting straight through the roof, the Walters' cut the tree in half (making sure the bottom half was exactly the height of their living room ceiling) and put both trees in separate stands.

The base of the trunk was so large it barely fit in the tree stand and the tree on the roof required special attention to make everything looked just right. The family added some 4 x 4 wooden beams on the roof to make sure the tree stand would be level and weighted the whole thing down with sandbags to prevent it from blowing away.

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Walters stood across the street to make sure the tree on the roof was lined up perfectly with the tree inside the living room, creating an image that's truly hilarious to behold.

The Walters Family
Scott, Lauren and Aidan WaltersAidan Walters

Walters admits his neighbors didn't understand their plan at first. "They were looking at us really strange — they were so confused!"

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A few weeks after the family put up their tree, Walters tweeted a picture of the results and the response was incredible. It's been liked over 140,000 times and Walters has been getting messages from people across the country asking how he did it.

Walters family tree
The Walters family with their massive tree!Aidan Walters

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Twitter users from the Portland area have even asked the family where they live so that they can take a visit to see the tree in person!

Since the tweet began picking up traction, Walters discovered that others had done something similar with their own tree in the past — but we have to admit the before and after photos make this version even cooler.

It took some effort to get everything perfect, Walters was adamant, "If you're going to do it, you're going to do it right."

We can say with complete certainty that the Walters family is doing it very right!