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Couple recreates 'The Simpsons' kitchen in their own home

One couple is using the kitchen from "The Simpsons" as inspiration for a kitchen makeover.
/ Source: TODAY

Marge Simpson: style icon?

When it comes to home decor, the answer is, well, maybe. Her family’s animated kitchen is one of TV’s most legendary rooms, and now a couple from Calgary, Alberta, is using it as design inspiration for their own home.

“We wanted to do a ‘retrovation,’” Marcia Andreychuk explained to CBC News. Their kitchen was similarly shaped to the TV family’s, so they decided to work with what they had and convert it into the Simpsons’ kitchen.

Marcia and her significant other Joel Hamilton, a huge fan of the show, covered their countertops, cabinets, washer/dryer, fridge and stove with colorful contact paper to replicate the hues seen on TV.

“There is a dream to buy brand new retro-looking appliances in green just like Marge’s kitchen,” Andreychuk said. But in the meantime, this work-around looks great!

The couple also managed to find the perfect fabric for the corn cob-patterned curtains via an online search. And the other attention to detail — all the way down to the green cooking utensils that sit next to the stove — is impressive.

“This is a risk-free project for the most part because it’s not like we’re ripping the kitchen apart and putting a ton of money into it,” she said. “We’re taking what’s already here and we’re adding color.”

Andreychuk joked that their next project would be transforming their basement into Moe's Tavern. Sounds pretty awesome to us!