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After noticing honey dripping down their walls, couple discover bee problem

Thousands of bees left a Pennsylvania couple with a sticky situation.
/ Source: TODAY

Well, this sure was a sweet surprise!

A Perkasie, Pennsylvania, couple discovered they had thousands of bees living in their 100-year-old home after they found honey dripping from the walls in their mudroom.

Justin and Andrea Isabell have lived in the home for five years and said other than a few minor repairs that come with owning a century-old home, they've never experienced anything like this.

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"After the recent tropical rainstorm soaked our area, we walked in the house through the backdoor and were faced with a stream of something coming down the walls," Andrea Isabell told TODAY. "I was afraid it was water damage, but my husband made a closer inspection to discover it was honey. We were pretty surprised and didn’t understand how that could happen."

Couple find bee infestation at home after honey drips down walls
The circled area on the exterior of the Isabells' house shows where the hive was located.Courtesy Justin Isabell

She said when they followed the stream of honey and looked through the window, they discovered bees swarming in and out of their rooftop.

"I was pretty overwhelmed imagining what a mess this would be to clean up combined with the costs of repair to the house after the bees were removed," Isabell said.

It turns out her uninvited houseguests had already moved out, but left the Isabells with their mess.

"The comb was damaged from the rainstorm and they’re too smart to stay and have that happen again," Isabell said. "We will still be having the comb removed and see if we can determine how long we had unknown guests."

Justin Isabell confirmed the sticky substance on their walls was honey after conducting a taste test.
Justin Isabell confirmed the sticky substance on their walls was honey after conducting a taste test.Courtesy Justin Isabell

The couple shared photos of the mess on Facebook, which have since gone viral. Justin Isabell even shared a video of him licking the wall to confirm that the streaky substance is indeed honey.

While they were left with a sticky situation, the Isabells have a sense of humor about all the buzz their situation has received.

"We never expected this to go viral," Andrea Isabell said. "We definitely were shocked, but this isn’t something that happens every day!"