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This airplane turned vacation house is a first-class experience

This Costa Rica vacation home was made out of an old Boeing 727 airplane. See inside!
Costa Verde Hotel airplane
This is not your average vacation rental!HomeAway
/ Source: TODAY

Start packing your bags because this vacation house will inspire some serious wanderlust.

Set in the jungles of Costa Rica, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is perched 50 feet above the ground, almost as if it’s soaring above — which makes since considering it’s an old Boeing 727 airplane.

The plane has been repurposed and turned into a lovely spot for tourists to stay during their trip to the Central American country.

Airplane house
It will raise your vacation to new heights!HomeAway

Nestled beside the rainforest and the Costa Verde Hotel, it’s got views of both the ocean and jungle thanks to the many airplane windows and the handcrafted decks built above the wings.

Airplane house
Hang out on the custom-built deck above the wing.HomeAway

Inside, paneling made from restored local teak wood lines the walls and ceilings. A kitchenette gives you a place to prepare food (or just store packages of peanuts), and a dining area provides a spot to have a meal with your friends and family.

Costa Rica airplane house
Coffee? Tea? Peanuts? Pretzels?HomeAway

The home includes three queen-size beds, which allows you to sleep six in the space.

Airplane house
This will probably be the best sleep you'll ever get on a plane.HomeAway

It also has two bathrooms that (thankfully!) are much more spacious than the ones you typically find on a plane.

Airplane house
You can actually move around in this bathroom.HomeAway

Neighbors include monkeys, sloths and more than 184 species of birds. And if you want more familiar faces nearby, you can also book the Cockpit Cottage located down the hill for two other friends or family members.

Airplane house
The Cockpit CottageHomeAway

While the airplane home is more fitting for a group, the cottage could be used as a romantic accommodation. It’s repurposed from an old cockpit and comes with with the same ocean views and teak interior. It's so private that it's only accessible from a suspension bridge.

And even though these two unique homes seem like they’re in the middle of nowhere, you still have access to the hotel's amenities including three pools, four restaurants, maid service and tour/concierge services.

Airplane house
The pool at the nearby hotelHomeAway

Want to get on board this cool experience? Find out more details about how to rent it for your next vacation at HomeAway.