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Trend alert: People are going crazy for these tinted Christmas trees

Green trees are so last year. See the new trend of tinted Christmas trees — and yes, they're real!
/ Source: TODAY

Green trees are so last year.

Fresh-cut Christmas trees are getting a new look thanks to a trend that’s making the holidays a little more colorful. Now, instead of only selling only green ones, some farms are offering pine trees in bold hues. Yes, you can now get a real purple tree — if that’s what your heart desires.

According to House Beautiful, these colorful trees are created from a special dyeing process. The dye will only adhere to the tree when temperatures are 40 degrees or warmer, so if you’re thinking about getting one of these beauties, you might want to do so earlier in the month before the temps drop.

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One farm in New Jersey, which uses a fire-proof latex paint, said the trees were so popular they sold out of them last weekend. According to one tree farm manager, customers have bought trees in every color — from black to red and gold.

Besides having a cool color, experts say these trees benefit from the dye since it can help preserve the needles.

Even TODAY’s own Tamron Hall loves colorful trees. Last year, the anchor had a hot pink (faux) tree.

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A crowdsourced Twitter poll suggested she go with a turquoise one this season, but she went with an ombre tree instead. Always the trendsetter, that Tamron Hall!

So, if you love the idea of a blue, silver or even gray Christmas tree and want the scent of a real one in your home, this trend could be the answer.