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Chip and Joanna Gaines talk divorce rumors, fame and life in Waco

The 'Fixer Upper' stars may not be A-list actors, but they're as famous as any big-screen couple and that's led to the same type of wild speculation that all celebrities face.
/ Source: TODAY

Chip and Joanna Gaines went from humble beginnings to helming their own home improvement empire in just a few short years. Now they have an HGTV hit, a popular blog, a magazine, two books, their own marketplace and even a new line of products at Target.

But success has brought something else their way: tabloid attention.

They may not be A-list actors, but they're as famous as any big-screen couple, and that's led to the same type of relationship rumors and wild speculation that all stars face. And when TODAY's Jenna Bush Hager asked them if they were prepared for that part of the fame game, they both offered up a resounding "no."

"It's funny," Chip said. "I mean, when I think about these circumstances, I think they're hilarious. I'm like, 'I can't believe that these things are happening to us.' I mean, who would care about that?"

Of course, the "Fixer Upper" duo has faithful fans who do worry when they see headlines teasing marital troubles, health woes and rumors about one of them leaving the show — and that's the part that bothers Joanna the most.

"Just because I don't do great with seeing that kind of stuff, reading into it, I just don't know what's going on," she said. "So then I'll hear someone come up to me and say, 'I hear you and Chip are getting a divorce.' I'm like, 'Where did you hear?' You know, I don't know any of this is going on."

But as soon as they find out about a false claim that's really gaining traction, they speak up.

"We do our due diligence in letting people know, as much as we can, this isn't us," she explained. "Don't be scammed."

Despite the fact that they get the Hollywood treatment where the rumor mill is concerned, Chip and Joanna keep their feet firmly grounded in their hometown of Waco, Texas.

And they intend to keep it that way.

"We've got four kids here that need us," Chip said. "We've got a business here that needs us, and something about our marriage, just we do better when we're on our home turf."