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Chip and Joanna met Martha — and she didn't have 'faintest idea' who they were

The domestic diva didn't recognize the Magnolia moguls when she met them at the TIME 100 gala, according to Chip Gaines.
/ Source: TODAY

You'd think a chance meeting between Martha Stewart and Chip and Joanna Gaines would result in a dazzling conversation about how to decorate the perfect home.

According to one report, the domestic diva apparently didn't recognize the Magnolia moguls when she met them at the TIME 100 gala on Tuesday.

Martha Stewart (left), meet Chip and Joanna Gaines.
Martha Stewart (left), meet Chip and Joanna Gaines.Getty Images

"We were so excited to meet Martha Stewart, but she didn’t have the faintest idea who we are, not a single clue," Chip told Page Six. "But we don’t mind at all. Joanna was so excited to meet Martha and so we asked someone to introduce us.

"Martha was very gracious and supportive. It was really wonderful moment for us to meet her," Chip added. "And my gosh doesn’t she look great!"

Magnolia spokesman John Marsicano provided additional context in a statement to TODAY, saying, “It was clearly a lighthearted comment made in jest, the context of which was conveniently lost in translation for the sake of a headline. This is an attempt to create something out of nothing. Ms. Stewart could not have been more gracious nor supportive — I think Chip made that pretty clear. It’s time for everyone to move on. There’s no story here.”

In Stewart's defense, she said she's definitely heard of the former "Fixer Upper" stars, who were honored as part of TIME's 100 most influential people. She simply couldn't place them when the three home renovation experts came face-to-face.

"I had never met Chip and Joanna at all before, but their Magnolia magazine is published by my publisher Meredith, and I know they have a lovely family and a TV station," Stewart told Page Six.

Chip and Joanna may have struck out with Stewart, but they can always soothe themselves by remembering what a huge fan they have in Hollywood legend Cher.

In February, the "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" star took to Twitter to share how much she enjoys keeping tabs on the couple and their five kids.

"Once in a while I like to check in, & see what’s happening With Chip, Joanna & Kids," Cher tweeted, adding a smiling emoji surrounded by hearts.

Chip replied to Cher's tweet, giving her a hilarious Gaines family update.

"Well Auntie Cher," he wrote, "Kids are doing great! A little cold going around, but you know how it is. Send everyone our love! — the Gaines clan."