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See this bedroom go from boring to bohemian after a $500 makeover

“We wanted the room to feel designed but done so on a budget.”
/ Source: TODAY

Looking for an inexpensive way to add color and personality to a room? This bedroom makeover may just be the inspiration you need.

Caitlin Erickson of Charlotte, North Carolina, had a bedroom that was totally functional but filled with mismatched furniture that didn’t go together. “We wanted the room to feel designed but done so on a budget,” she told TODAY Home.

Room refresh
Before: The bedroom was functional but lacked personality.matildaandruby/ Instagram

With the help of her sister Shane Agostinelli, Erickson transformed the mundane space into a bohemian paradise — all with the help of some creative paint tricks.

“We have a serious obsession with color blocking,” she said, adding that it’s an easy and affordable way to give a room major impact.

Room refresh
After: Who needs a headboard when you can create one with paint?matildaandruby/ Instagram

The siblings gathered different paint colors with warm tones and got to work color blocking the bedroom walls, creating an illusion of a headboard behind the bed and also a cool geometric look behind the dresser.

But the painting didn’t just stop with the walls. They also gave the ceiling fan a coat of white paint so that it would blend in with the rest of the room.

Another DIY project they tackled was building the two floating tables on both sides of the bed with leftover wood from another project.

Room refresh
"We wanted to use warmer tones and love them in contrast with the blue dresser," Erickson said.matildaandruby/ Instagram

Erickson’s favorite part of the room is the wood shelf over the bed. “We desperately needed book storage, and in a 1,100 square-foot home, storage is tricky,” she said. “This shelf not only solved a storage problem but also is aesthetically pleasing … just don't ask my husband if he likes the way the books are turned!” she joked.

In total, the entire room refresh cost $500, including the blue dresser which they found on Craigslist for $100.

But the update was priceless. “The whole room has a west coast bohemian vibe that is so pleasant waking up to,” Erickson said.