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Blue house in New Jersey has neighbors seeing red

A man wants his house bathed in blue lights, but his neighbors say it's making it hard for them to sleep.
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing wrong with the color blue. In fact, according to House Beautiful's 2012 color report, it's Americans' favorite hue. But one man in New Jersey might like it a little too much.

According to NBC10 in Philadelphia, when the sun goes down the blue lights come up on Jack Zoltak's home in Margate. It's a fairly large light display, covering his whole home in an electric blue glow. And according to some neighbors, it's keeping them up at night and drawing unwanted traffic attention.

"Some people could say it looks like a bordello," said neighbor Larry Frankel, who added, "I just think it's over the top and a little bit outrageous."

Local Robin Levine said that the lights shine into some people's homes, while another neighbor reportedly is having problems selling his house due to the display.

Zoltak doesn't see the problem. "The lights don’t even go anywhere. They’re just on my house. And they’re on timers. They go off at 1:30," he said.

'Blue House' stirs controversy
Jack Zoltak's blue house.NBC10 Philadelphia

Unfortunately, many areas don't have zoning laws about residential lighting, so the city can't do anything right now.

"We're studying other ordinances in other communities that might have been faced with this same scenario to see what the proper thing to do is to help the neighborhood," said city commissioner John Amodeo.

Which means for now, this particular neighborhood will just have to continue to endure its blue period.

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