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9 new kitchen and home gadgets you need to know about ASAP

These are the ones you'll want to know about!
Which products will you buy?
Which products will you buy?Getty Images stock
/ Source: TODAY

Imagine 16 miles packed with new products for every room in the house.

That's the International Home and Housewares Show! It's one of the top trade show events in the U.S. and was held at the massive McCormick Center in Chicago in early March.

From a clever gadget invented by a busy mom to new designs from appliance giants Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach, nearly 2,500 exhibitors debut innovative devices for cooking, cleaning, home design and organization. The Housewares Show is not open to the public, so consumers have to wait until these products are on shelves — but that's where I come in! As a longtime contributor to TODAY's Fourth Hour, it's my job to go on the hunt for the best new products.

Here are some of the best:

Cleaning solutions

This will give you a real aha moment! When you first spray a window with cleaner, you watch the drips go down, leaving streaks everywhere. The window vac immediately sucks up the cleaner so the window is spotless. The vac is lightweight and can be used on windows, counters, mirrors, tubs and shower tiles.

I never saw so many toilet bowl cleaners in one place and this cleaning product is a category disruptor! No more dirty bristles, germs or drips. It's clean, easy, reaches under the rim, dries quickly and is long lasting. You can't go wrong!

Hot grease can melt plastic and clog drains and pipes. The Bacon Bin strains, stores and disposes grease from bacon or other meat. Then you can refrigerate and reuse it for cooking! It's heat-resistant and dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and freezer safe.

Kitchen innovation

The Zyliss 2-in-1 Pepper Corer can easily core and de-seed both bell peppers and jalapeños. The Bell Pepper Corer features a stainless-steel blade rim for clean cuts and a non-slip base for added stability. Easy storage as the Jalapeño corer locks neatly into the bell pepper corer and acts as a blade cover. The 2-in-1 is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Rapid Slicer is the fastest, safest and easiest way to slice a large quantity of small fruits and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, grapes and olives in seconds. Other great uses include slicing meats, poultry and shrimp.

I loved this product and its price, $39.99. It combines the warmth of natural bamboo with the precision of stainless steel prep bowls. The Dexas Mise en Place Prep Board is a thick bamboo cutting board with four precisely milled stainless steel bowls to hold freshly cut ingredients. The 1-cup bowls are flush with the board's surface for easy filling, while also being easy to lift out while cooking and creating. Mise en Place also features non-slip silicone feet, an ample well for juice and even cut-out openings on each side for easy movements to the cooktop. It's a great way to stay organized and clean as you cook!

This baking innovation comes from the one-and-only Oxo Good Grips. Contain the mess and roll perfect crusts — for pie, pastry or pizza crusts — in this easy-to-clean, dough-rolling bag. Simply place dough inside of bag, use the zipper to close and roll. The bag seals flour and sticky dough together so the countertop and rolling pin remain clean. Effortlessly transfer delicate doughs from bag to baking pan. Measurement markings help you roll dough into the perfect, uniform size. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Chefman Color Changing Kettle, not available yet

Mornings get a whole lot more colorful with the Chefman Color Changing Stainless Kettle. Using a proprietary, almost magical painting technology, the color of the kettle's exterior changes as it approached boiling. The kettle provides a guide on where in the boiling process the kettle is so those who don't want to wait for full boil can take it off when they're ready. The kettle also features a 1500 watt, Strix-Controlled heating element for quicker and safer boiling.

Promeco Calido Plate, not available yet

These round, robust serving plates are designed to keep warm dishes — such as paella, rice dishes or pastas — at the right temperature without loss of flavor. Set the Calido at cold to keep your seafood at a constant temperature or to add a fresh salad to your summer barbecue. The Calido serving plate is available in different colors and are really cool or ... hot!

The vSPin by Bevstir USA Innovations is the only wine aerator that gives you complete control over the time and speed that you aerate your wine, allowing you to customize the process to suit your taste. It offers an enhanced aroma, a richer bouquet and mellows any harsh tannin textures in less than five minutes. It makes a great gift for the wine lovers in your life!

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