The 23 best holiday gifts for your dog

The holidays are about appreciating and gifting those you love. And for pet owners, it's also a moment of celebrating their furry family pets with the best squeak toys, dog beds and chewy treats.

There's no doubt that the market for pawsome dog presents has an overwhelming number of options for the holiday season. So to make this easy, we scouted out the best gifts that all dogs will love. Happy Pawlidays!

The 23 best holiday gifts for the family dog

1. Hither Rabbit Custom Tote Bag, $34, Etsy

2. Travel with Dogs: Essential Advice and Tips for Travel with Your Pooch, $10.79, Lonely Planet

3. GPS Pet Tracking, $50 for device or monthly service plan from $49.95 to $6.95/month, Whistle

4. Gingham Bone Toys, $12 to $14, Waggo

5. Treat Bowls, Large: $30, Medium: $24, Small: $20, Waggo

6. Double-Headed Dog Tug, $17.95, The Grommet

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7. Meadow Dog Bed, $79, Wildebeest

8. Gustavo's Avocado, $14, BarkShop

9. Pimm's Treat Dispensing Pencil, $14, BarkShop

10. Neon Vinyl Pouch, $22, Ware of the Dog

11. Heart Cardigan, $78, Ware of the Dog

12. HandsOn Grooved Pet Grooming Gloves, $25, The Grommet

13. Montana Nap Cushion in Plaid, $39, West Paw Designs

14. Boots & Barkley Blue Knit Ski Hat, $12, Target

15. Star Wars Dog Johns, $28, Hanna Andersson

16. Adjustable Rope Leash, $54, Cody & Bella

17. Pet Teepee in Moroccan Navy, $75, Cody & Bella

18. Phantom Mesh Plush Dog Harness, $20, Zee.Dog


Curated Subscription Boxes for Dogs, $40 for 1-month or $30/box for 1-year subscription,Truly Pawsome

20. ASOS Leash, $15, Zee.Dog

21. Scout & About Outdoor Dog Tent, $119, P.L.A.Y.

22. Adjustable Height Elevated Feeder, $50, Messy Mutts


23. Counter Cannister, $34, Billy Wolf