Find the perfect fitness tracker for all your fitness needs

Are you getting ready to try a new, healthy routine? Fitness trackers are all the rage with their easy-to-use interfaces and key tracking metrics such as calories, steps and even sleep. But how do you know which one is best suited for your personal needs?

We're breaking down the best fitness trackers around so you can ease confidently into your workouts and track your progress.

1. Fitbit Zip, $100, Amazon


Are you a cardio queen? If burning calories through fast-paced cardio exercise or walking leisurely is your workout of choice, one of the best trackers for you is one of the most basic. This gadget measures steps, distance and calories, but doesn’t provide you with extra information on elevation or sleep. It’s the perfect simple tool to track steps without the complex data featured on other trackers.

2. Garmin Vivosmart HR, $119, Amazon


Are your workouts versatile? Do you like to change things up? If you’re doing more complex exercises and interested in tracking and comparing details, this fitness tracker could work for you.

When you swipe the display screen, it will display your heart rate throughout your workout. You can even recall your resting heart rate. And if you don’t have a free hand to touch the display, you can use a setting to ensure the tracker will light up when lifted so you can see your progress during a difficult exercise.

3. Jawbone UP3, $119, Amazon


Tracking lifestyle habits, such as sleep, and providing tips throughout the day to improve on your healthy habits can be a real game-changer. Maybe you’re sidelined by an injury that’s preventing you from working out, or maybe you’re happy with your fitness level but looking for more energy. In that case, look no further than this tracker. The Jawbone UP3 monitors sleep, fitness and even your body temperature stats along with suggestions throughout the day as to how to improve your personal health and fitness.

4. The Fitbit Charge 2, $149, Amazon


If you’re looking for an all-around, in-depth tracker that really gets into the science and details, check out this one. The most recent update to this device provides users with advanced capabilities for tracking sleep, including seeing how much light, deep and REM sleep you’re getting each night. The tracker also continuously monitors your heart rate, along with steps, active minutes and calories burned.

5. iHealth Wave, $75, Amazon


If you plan to swim for exercise, check out this tracker that’s a swim and fitness tracker all in one. Are you a slow swimmer or a fast swimmer? This tracker provides accurate swim statistics such as the number of lengths and strokes you take so you can compare workouts and track your progress.

Regardless of which tracker you pick, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: Fitness trackers are great tools, but they’re only beneficial when used! So get a tracker that will help you stay motivated as you ease into fall and winter workouts.

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Stephanie Mansour is a weight loss and lifestyle coach for women. Join her free weight loss challenge here!