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The best place to raise kids? These 12 countries rank highest

Here are the top places to raise kids, including the best countries for education, health care and more, according to a Save the Children report.
/ Source: TODAY

Ever wonder where you should raise your kids to give them the best shot at a terrific childhood?

Turns out it’s Norway and Slovenia.

Bergen, Norway
Norway earned a top score of 985, along with Slovenia, for the best ranking on the list.Shutterstock

Childhood is the part of most people's lives that helps mold them into the person they will eventually become. It can make or break your spirit, and shape your values and personality traits. But for some 700 million children worldwide, childhood ends too soon, according to Save the Children’s End of Childhood Report 2017. The first annual report from the international nongovernmental organization was released May 31, in honor of Children’s Day — and the results may surprise you.

The report ranked the best and worst places — among 172 countries — in which children can grow up. The rankings were determined by looking at each place's quality of life, factoring in mortality rates, nutrition and more.

Slovenia is one of the best countries for kids
Slovenia, located in southern Central Europe, tied with Norway for the top spot in the rankings.Shutterstock

The higher the score, the better the childhood. The top countries all ranked very high for their education, health care and protection status for children.

The top countries where childhood is least threatened

Childhood global statistics Save the Children

1. Norway − 985

1. Slovenia − 985

3. Finland − 983

4. Netherlands − 982

4. Sweden − 982

6. Portugal − 981

7. Ireland − 980

8. Iceland − 979

8. Italy − 979

10. Belgium − 978

10. Cyprus − 978

10. Germany − 978

The bottom countries where childhood is most threatened

162. DR Congo − 558

163. Guinea − 546

163. Sierra Leone − 546

165. Burkina Faso − 541

166. South Sudan − 488

167. Chad − 473

168. Somalia − 470

169. Central African Republic − 428

170. Mali − 414

172. Angola − 393

172. Niger − 384

Surprisingly, the United States didn't make the top 10 list — or even the top 20. The U.S. took the 36th spot, behind Bosnia & Herzegovina and just ahead of the Russian Federation.

If moving abroad isn't an option, you can always consider one of the top spots in nation. A separate study — the Gallup-Healthways 2016 State Well-Being Rankings — released earlier this year revealed the top five states for overall well-being, with Hawaii coming in at No. 1, followed by Alaska, South Dakota, Maine and Colorado.


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