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By Donna Freydkin

Whoever said money can’t buy you love has never met my new boyfriend.

Sure, he’s not cheap. But as they say, you get what you pay for. He’s sleek and sexy. He’s tall, posh and handsome. He doesn’t balk at performing mundane household tasks. In fact, he’s in his element when cleaning floors, removing cat hair from couches and picking up tiny, deadly Lego pieces.

He needs little tender, loving care — just a little bit of attention in the form of a quick charge. He’s flexible, going from long to short to something in between.

And he’s got a name that’s fitting: the Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum.

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, $369 (normally $499), Amazon

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This vacuum is also on sale for $369 at Walmart.

First, a little background. Maintaining clean floors is my Achilles heel. Crumbs, my nemesis. Cat litter, my ongoing adversary. Dyson steps up, so I don’t have to step on any of it. He sits with us at dinner, and after my son and his friends inevitably dump pasta and veggies and bread and chicken and whatever onto the floor, he comes out to do his thing. In seconds, the mess is gone.

TODAY editor Donna with her new Dyson vacuumDonna Freydkin

Emptying him out is equally painless. You simply pull at the top handle, the bottom releases, and your trash is safely gone. And just charge him in the morning, and he’s ready for 40 minutes to serve your every cleaning need. He comes with extensions, which I’ve used to vacuum my dusty ceiling fan, and under my son’s bed — a cesspool of discarded food wrappers and tiny shards from broken toys.

Dyson has replaced my former amour, the automated vacuum Roomba, who also was a great partner, until he wasn’t. Suddenly, he would get stuck in the center of the room for no discernible reason. He’d be trapped under furniture. He stopped sucking up even basic clumps of cat hair. And then, something got stuck in his belly. It made a grating noise whenever I ran him. I took him apart to find it, but came up short, and now, he sits alone, unwanted, unloved, as Dyson has taken his place.

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