The 15 most awkward moments in life, ever

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Sneezing at Work

Life can be awkward. Every day at work and every night out with friends, we try to avoid every faux pas in the book. And sometimes, we fail. Our friends at Reddit put out the call for the things that never stop being awkward, and we were nodding in agreement to pretty much all of them. So, without further ado, let's dive into things that never stop being awkward. Oh, and tell us what your most cringe-inducing life moments are in the comments section below!

Chew Faster! Chew Faster!

Those times when someone swoops in on you when you're in mid-chew and they expect answers to things. And you do that lame little smile/grimace while gesturing that you're just going to finish chewing. But their eyes on you causes the food to immediately taste like cardboard as you desperately try to chew and swallow. 

Are You Talking To Yourself…Or the Voices in Your Head?

Responding to someone's question, only to realize they're talking on Bluetooth. 

Seriously, Not Turning Seven Here

Having happy birthday sung to you. I never f***ing know what to do. Do I just look down and smile? Do I have to watch? Should I sing too? 

Whyyy? Don't Look Up, Don't!

Accidentally making eye contact through a bathroom stall. 

Bye! See You Soon!

Saying goodbye to someone then realizing they’re going the same way as you. 

Pretend You Don't See Them, Don't Lock Eyes, Oh Hi!

When you see someone you know wayyy down the hallway, and you both pretend you didn’t see each other until you’re a comfortable distance away. 

Just Keep Hugging Your Grandma

Greeting/saying goodbye to cousins. See them two or three times a year, we are all not that close. Do we kiss, hug, shake hands? 

Oh Hey, Just Fanning the Air For No Reason

When someone waves at you from across the room and you wave back. But it turns out they were waving to their friend, who is standing right behind you. 

It Wasn't Awkward Before ... But Now It Is

People who say "well this is awkward" whenever there's a pause in conversation. 
Fort Lotus

Really, Really Love When This Happens at Work

When you sneeze so many times that people stop saying "bless you," leaving you vulnerable to disease and/or demonic possession. 

Do You Fast Walk? Or Wave Them On? Double Awkward.

When someone holds the door open for you but you’re a little too far away and then they end up standing at the door waiting for you. 

Yeah, We Get This. See Above Regarding Cousins.

Awkward side hugs. You know what I'm talking about. 

Uhhh, MMM, Ow!

Dentist trying to talk to you while he has his hands in my mouth. 

Never, Ever Say This. Ever.

Oh, congratulations. When are you due?
[response:] I'm not pregnant, I'm just a fat person!

Yep, We Do This Too. All the Time.

That stupid jog that you always have to do when a car stops to let you cross the street. When walking's too slow and running's too weird.

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