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Artist turns parents' home into creepy monster mansion for Halloween

Christine McConnell's latest project is attracting some extra eyes.
/ Source: TODAY

Christine McConnell loves Halloween.

The artist/photographer/baker already proved she had an artistic side with an eerie edge in 2014 when she gained popularity for her horror-inspired desserts documented on Instagram — but her latest project is attracting some extra eyes.

"I binge watch every creepy movie imaginable during this time of year," McConnell confessed to After watching "Monster House," she came up with the idea to transform her parents' Victorian house into a real-life version of it.

McConnell, who has decorated her parents' place in the past and even created a cake modeled after it, did everything on her own.

"I spent my childhood helping to restore this house with my parents who taught me all about construction and hard work, so there's not much I'm not willing to try," she said.

The project cost around $250 — the green lights being the most expensive item on the list. She used foam core insulation boards and latex paint to create the eyes and mouth.

"It took about three solid days to create the pieces and decorate, and then a full day to photograph it," she said. "My parents were around most of the time to keep me company, so it was a really fun process!" She said her mom and dad were a bit skeptical of the design until they saw the teeth go in, and then they loved it.

The house has gotten quite the reaction from the neighborhood residents, too.

"It was a bit of a madhouse once the eyes were up," she said. "Tons of people were stopping their cars to take pictures. Kids were dragging their parents down the street to get a closer look. Even a few older neighbors who I've known since I was little were in awe of it."

While her creepy cakes landed her a book deal ("Deceptive Desserts" is available for pre-order now), McConnell says transforming this home, well, takes the cake as one of her favorite projects.

"It came out even neater than I had planned."