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Andrea Bocelli gives a tour inside his sprawling Italian villa

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli lives in style in a luxurious home on the Tuscan coast.
Opera singer Andrea Bocelli at home with his dog, Katarina.
Opera singer Andrea Bocelli at home with his dog, Katarina.Valentina Sommariva/AD
/ Source: TODAY

Andrea Bocelli isn't just an opera superstar, he's also quite a stylish home and hotel owner.

Bocelli showed off his beautiful home by opening his doors to Architectural Digest.

Bocelli's home is named Villa Alpemare. Valentina Sommariva/AD

Bocelli's 8,000-square-foot Italian home, called Villa Alpemare, is the definition of luxury — a hotel-turned-home off the coast of Versilia in Tuscany, the same region he grew up.

Despite its grandeur, Bocelli told Architectural Digest that Villa Alpemare is an “elegant yet unpretentious house.”

The three-floor, powder-pink home offers Bocelli all he needs: a living and dining room on the first floor, offices, a music studio and guest rooms on the second floor and bedrooms and private spaces on the top level.

“I am very attached to this house,” he said. “I feel that it resembles me.”

It is a space he and his family — wife Veronica Berti Bocelli and three children, Amos, Matteo and Virginia — can enjoy; one he says is large enough “for us to live and work in, make music and host many friends.”

Over the past year, Bocelli has renovated the home to meet his needs by upgrading the building, installing new windows, redoing floors and modernizing water, heating and electrical systems.

Bocelli credits his wife, Veronica Berti Bocelli, for the warm and inviting decor.Valentina Sommariva/AD

His wife’s style is also on display within the home, as Bocelli credits Berti Bocelli’s keen eye for the beautiful design. He said she gave the rooms “a sense of coherence, restoring warmth to the house.”

His home isn’t the only real estate he owns in the vicinity. He and his wife took over the Alpemare Beach Resort off the Versilian coast in 2017.

A beachside tent and massage tables at Andrea Bocelli's Alpemare Beach Resort off the Tuscan coast of Versilia.Valentina Sommariva/AD

His Alpemare resort is just as stylish with sleek white tents covering the seaside spot.

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