All You magazine declares the best cleaning products of 2014

Does the cleaning aisle at the store feel like a confusing mess of advertisements and promising products? All You magazine cut through the fluff and tested out more than 100 cleaning products, from toilet bowl cleaners to laundry detergents, and here are the best of the best.

Laundry liquid detergent: Wisk Deep Clean Original

All You magazine stained white cotton T-shirts with ketchup, grass, dirt and other messes, then let the stains set for a week before washing them once. Wisk Deep Clean Original detergent erased all of the stains, except for a faint mustard mark, with the first wash.

On-the-go stain remover: Shout wipes

These wipes were able to conquer coffee, red wine and salad dressing stains better than the pen-type competitors.

Fabric softener: Great Value Blooming Lavender sheets

The lifestyle magazine washed loads of old and new towels, then dried the towels with a variety of dryer sheets. With Great Value, the towels were not only soft, but the faint lavender smell added a welcome touch.

Dishwasher detergent: Cascade Platinum Pacs, Cascade gel with Dawn, Cascade powder

All You washed piled ceramic plates, glasses, pots, pans and utensils that had all been sitting out for days with food stains. Cascade dominated in the dishwashing category, leaving glassware and silverware sparkling and streak free.

Dish soap: Dawn Ultra Platinum Power

Facing the same nasty dishware as the dishwasher, Dawn Ultra Platinum Power cut through crease and required less effort and time as other dish soaps.

Toilet bowl cleaner: Lysol Power and Free

All You tested out toilet cleaners in a bowling alley restroom and Lysol’s Power and Free cleaner conquered the bowl like a champ—without using chlorine bleach.

Disinfecting wipes: Clorox disinfecting wipes

Wipes were tested on the bathroom sink, tile floor, surface of the toilet, as well as the refrigerator, stovetop, garbage cans and cupboard doors. Clorox disinfecting wipes won for their easy-access container, perfect amount of disinfectant and ability to hold up through extensive use.

All-purpose wipes: Clorox GreenWorks compostable cleaning wipes

These wipes were tested on the same surfaces as the disinfecting wipes, and were the best for everyday messes. Their compostable material and same easy packaging as the disinfecting wipes made them a winner.

All-purpose cleaner: Method All-Purpose cleaner

Tested on a variety of kitchen spills and bathroom messes, this cleaner from Target’s home brand won for its nontoxic ingredients, high cleaning ability and great smell.

Carpet stain remover: Resolve Stain Remover

With one application, this product was able to eradicate coffee and tomato juice stains. With two, it was able to remove the ultimate carpet stain: red wine.

Wood furniture cleaner: Old English Lemon Oil

All You tested products on an antique farm table, and Old English Lemon Oil left the table with an overall shine and silky feeling that made it the top choice.

See the full list of the winners at AllYou.com.