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See how a $20 hack transformed this bathroom from blah to beautiful

This trick could save you lots of time and money.
Before and after bathroom
The bathroom went from drab and sad to bright and happy!Dustin Walker for Hutch
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone recognizes boring office bathrooms — complete with gray cement floors and piping on full display under the sink. Luckily for the employees at this office, those formerly bland spaces got a major upgrade.

Aisling Mittman, VP of brand and design at Hutch, decided it was time for to overhaul the bathrooms in the company's Culver City, California, office. Mittman transformed the spaces with fun wallpaper and a $20 hack that completely changed the feel of the rooms.

Before and after office bathroom
Here are both bathrooms before their makeovers!Dustin Walker for Hutch

"We were drawn to the bright colors and the natural patterns of the wallpaper, which really was the foundation of the space," Mittman told TODAY Home. "We mixed patterns and colors with the rugs and washcloths, and added fun decor and art to the space."

Before and after bathroom makeover
The wallpaper adds a pop of color that even brightens up the hallway as employees walk by.Dustin Walker for Hutch

In addition to the bland walls, one glaring downside of the original bathrooms was the piping under both of the sinks. That said, tearing out perfectly functional sinks didn't seem like the best option — especially when the budget for both spaces was under $2,000. That's when Mittman came up with the perfect fi: She purchased a tablecloth, grabbed a glue gun and made magic happen — for only $20!

"The only cost associated (with the hack) was the tablecloth, which was $20 per sink," said Mittman. "We already had a glue gun in our office."

Before and after office bathroom
The tablecloth was affixed to the edges of the sink with a hot glue gun.Dustin Walker for Hutch

The resulting look not only covers up those less-than-ideal exposed pipes, it's downright flattering.

Mittman has another big tip for people looking to update their bathrooms.

"Lighting is key," said Mittman. "Make sure you have an option besides just overhead so your guests feel beautiful."

Bathroom wallpaper
"You can add removable wallpaper or bold art so the space has more personality," said Mittman.Dustin Walker for Hutch

According to Mittman, the updates have definitely added some cheer to the office.

"Everyone absolutely loves it," said Mittman. "We are very pleased with the finished product!"