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This adorable DIY playhouse is a mini replica of Magnolia Market

This family custom-built a playhouse for their 2-year-old based on Chip and Joanna Gaines' market.
Chip and Joanna Gaines would be so proud!
Chip and Joanna Gaines would be so proud!Getty Images

When a family couldn't find a children's playhouse that suited their needs, they decided to make one themselves.

Haley Curfman says her family is big into DIY projects, so it was a no-brainer to DIY when it came to finding a playhouse for her niece, Reese.

"We wanted it homemade, not plastic," Curfman told TODAY Home. "We looked around a lot and couldn't find anything we liked, not even in samples or ideas on Pinterest."

Being the ultimate "Fixer Upper" fans, their next idea seemed perfectly reasonable: to custom-build a playhouse for the 2-year-old, including the modern farmhouse touches that have defined Chip and Joanna Gaines' style. To make it even better, Curfman was remodeling her own home with a lot of the same touches — which meant that the DIY project felt even more timely.

The 4-by-4-feet playhouse includes some of the modern farmhouse touches that the Gaineses love. Haley Curfman

"We've been to Magnolia Market and just loved everything about it," Curfman said. "I love their style and I'm putting a lot of those touches in my own home remodel. So, we thought it would be perfect to do all those things on a small level."

Once the decision was made, the building began — a process that Curfman said took several months, especially since the family could only work on it sparingly. Reese's father, Devin Curfman, was "the main builder," but a busy, on-the-road schedule meant he could only work on it every so often.

"The trickiest part was not having any plans or blueprints," Curfman explained. "We just had to design on the fly as we went and keep it all kid friendly, too."

Curfman said her niece, Reese, 2, loves the homemade playhouse.Haley Curfman

Reese stayed involved during the whole process, too — she loves working with tools, so she would often help with the measuring tape.

The end result is a beautiful 4-by-4-foot playhouse, with faux exposed rafters, hardwood floors and barn doors. Barn lighting and wall-to-wall shiplap complete the interior and a small porch adds some outdoor space. There's even a wall of tin pots, which Reese has already filled with flowers and weeds picked from the backyard.

"My favorite part is probably all the finishing parts," Curfman said. "Once we put the lettering on, the table and seats on the side, and added the farm lights and barn doors, it just really all made sense and made it look like the market."

The finishing touches pulled together the DIY project, according to Curfman. Haley Curfman

The Curfman's DIY dreams don't begin and end with the playhouse. In fact, they've already begun work on two more projects.

"One will be a restaurant, after Magnolia Table, and one will be a bakery, after Silos Baking Co.," Curfman said. "We have the shells built, we just have a lot of finish work to get onto them."

Curfman shared photos of the customized playhouse on Facebook, garnering thousands of likes, shares, and comments. Other users wrote comments about plans to build their own houses, while many just offered praise and compliments.

Curfman said that the most important thing is how much Reese enjoys the space.

"She loves it!" Curfman said. "(She's) already taken a crayon to a wall or two. I guess that's how kids put their mark on things."

The replica playhouse looks just like the real-life market. Haley Curfman