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8 simple tricks to make your home feel like a luxury hotel

Sometimes the best part of a trip is getting to enjoy your cozy elegant home away from home. But what is it about a hotel that's so differen
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Sometimes the best part of a trip is getting to enjoy your cozy elegant home away from home. But what is it about a hotel that’s so different from your own house, besides of course, it not being your house? We chatted with an interior designer to find out the tricks of the trade.

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Shirley Robinson recently spearheaded a major renovation to Solage Calistoga, a luxury resort and spa located in Napa Valley. As principal of San Francisco and St. Helena-based Robinson Finishes, she’s also worked on many private homes. Below are her tips for getting that luxe vacation vibe in your own humble abode.

City Glamour by NB Design Group


“Edit your living room,” Robinson told “When you go into any hotel, it always has very minimal pieces.”

She suggests keeping the furniture pretty basic with only the necessary pieces (sofa, chair, rug, etc.). And in terms of decorative items, such as picture frames and trinkets, keep in mind that less is more.

“You can bring things out on different occasions,” she says. “But when you take away items, you make the room look larger and cleaner.”

Create a focus wall

“You can do wonders with paint,” Robinson says. She suggests painting three walls in one color and then opting for a darker more dramatic hue or wallpaper for the fourth.

“That automatically brings instantaneous glamour into a room.”

Stick with neutrals

Because hotels have to accommodate lots of people’s tastes, she says neutrals are the safest bet for a baseline color palette. But pops of color are encouraged.

“Now, for the focal wall, we can go a bit more crazy with that,” she clarifies. Robinson also said she loves to accessorize her rooms with seasonal decor. “For example, I’ll do pillows with warm autumn colors that include burgundy and deep greens. When spring comes, I might change them out to yellow and white.”

Opt for oversized furniture

“Even if you’re working with a small room, over-scaled furniture can be super comfy,” she says. She also suggests going with large lighting fixtures. “Have some courage with lighting. Buy a 40 inch over a 32 inch. It can be very dramatic.”

Use white plates

“I think that white is a great palette for food,” she says. “Most restaurants and chefs prefer to serve on that.” It’s not only sleek and simple, but makes the whole presentation look cleaner and more beautiful.

Make your bathroom feel crisp

For Spa Solage, Robinson said she used her favorite color palette: white on white.

“The spa is eight tones of white,” she says. “When I go to a spa, I love to get into that delicious terrycloth white robe.” And that was the inspiration for her interior design decision — one that might also work in your own bathroom. While the idea of stripping out color is bold, it can give a “clean luxe experience,” she says.

Display artwork from local artists

You’ll notice many luxury hotels have landscape paintings. Robinson says she likes to use artists of the area. “It’s amazing how many artists you’ll find in your town,” she says. “And it’s fun to have work by someone from your area on the wall.”

Have fresh cut flowers

It’s a small trick that will make a huge impact on how homey and elegant your place feels. Robinson says that buying them from stores can be expensive so if you have a garden or other nearby area where you can snip some every now and then, that’s perfect.

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