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6 easy storage solutions for your favorite sentimental items

Lifestyle expert Jenn Falik shares her best tips and ideas for cleaning up sentimental clutter around your house and even on your phone.
/ Source: TODAY

Clearing out the clutter is never easy, especially when it comes to getting rid of anything with sentimental value like photos, trinkets or memorabilia.

But getting organized doesn't have to be a struggle, and it certainly doesn't mean you need to compromise special memories. Lifestyle expert Jenn Falik has tried and true tips to help you appropriately store your life, and your memories, in an easy and organized way.

Problem #1: Photo albums and loose pictures

Whether you love to create albums or just have pictures around the house from before the days of smartphones, don't worry, there's an easy way to tackle this clutter.

Falik recommends using the Photomyne App, which allows you to scan multiple loose photos or even entire albums at once. The best part is you don't even have to take the albums apart to scan them. The app then sorts them by year, so you can easily make digital slideshows or albums. It's that simple!

To make things even better, it offers cloud storage, so you can access your photos on any device. And if you decide you still love your printed albums, the app can even create one for you, too.

Problem #2: Video tapes, DVDs and iPhone video overload

It's hard to imagine there was a time where we used camcorders, but it actually wasn't too long ago. The Magisto App let's you turn all of your old home videos into short video montages yourself. As soon as the footage is uploaded, the app is able to analyze the videos to determine what parts are most interesting and will ultimately create the best video. It then edits these parts together and before you know it, you've got a home movie with professional quality.

And if you've run out of space on your smartphone from taking one too many home videos, there's no need to fret. In fact, there's actually a company that will solve this problem for you. URLifeMedia Movie turns smartphone videos into quality films complete with music and special effects. All you need to do is upload your videos and the rest is history!

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Problem #3: Holiday Cards

Christmas card season is just around the corner and we all know what that means: piles and piles of cards accumulating around the house.

However, Falik has a great solution for beating the kitchen clutter. She suggests punching holes into the corners of the cards and attaching them on a binder ring. Each year you can either start a new ring or keep adding them to the one you have. It makes for a fun DIY flip book where you can see how friends and families have grown over the years.

Problem #4: Old T-Shirts

We all have those t-shirts that are just so comfy yet have so many holes in them, but we just can't part with them. What if we told you that you don't actually have to get rid of them?

Instead, Falik recommends tapping Project Repeat to create a cozy quilt with all of your favorite old tees. They can even make a stroller blanket using baby onesies and clothes. Cozy and practical!

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Problem #5: Old concert and event tickets

Get those concert and sporting tickets off of your bulletin board and turn them into a cool doormat. Yes, you really can!

Simply send them via mail or a snap a photo and let Concermats do the rest of the work.

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Problem #6: Kids' Artwork

Do you have mini Picassos running around the house? Or enough kids' artwork to fill a museum? You're not alone.

Falik suggests turning it all into a digital magazine style book with the help of Kidsolidate. They send you an envelope, you fill it with the artwork and you're done! Then, when you're ready for another envelope, they'll send it your way and add the latest artwork to the magazine. Say bye, bye to the clutter!