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6 Insta-famous inventions you should have on your radar

Surprise! You don't need your hands to brush your teeth anymore.
/ Source: TODAY

The glory days of "As Seen on TV" are over! Taking to Instagram is now one of the best ways to encounter the innovative gadgets that you never knew you needed — until now.

Lori Bergamotto, style director for Good Housekeeping, stopped by TODAY to share some of the latest products taking Instagram by storm. To find these, you won't need to sit through hours of infomercials or commercial breaks; they are all at your fingertips.

From musical toothbrushes to reinvented beanbag chairs, here are some of Bergamotto's best finds.

Pop-Up Cake Stand, $37+, The Surprise Cake

Forget wrapping paper. Hide your loved one's gift in their birthday cake for a surprise that they will never forget with this cake stand that was crafted by a mother and her son, a baker-engineer duo. The spring-loaded insert is large enough to hold a smartphone and is activated with just the "pull of a ring or crank of a music box," according to Surprise Cake founder Liz Charm.

AutoBrush for Kids, $74, Amazon

AutoBrush takes a different approach to dental hygiene with hands-free brushing while your child enjoys some morning tunes. "This is not necessarily better than a regular manual toothbrush, but it will get your kids excited about brushing their teeth: Which, any parent with young kids will tell you, is half the battle!" Bergamotto said.

Necklace Layering Clasp, $40, Necklet

If you've been testing out the layered necklace trend, you've probably encountered the frustration of tangled chains and pendants. Sometimes we feel like we've spent more time trying to keep them in place than sporting the look. Two jewelry-obsessed sisters created Necklet to prevent these accessory mishaps and keep their jewelry tangle-free. You can attach up to three necklaces at a time on the metal clasp and remove them all at once at the end of the day without having to unclasp each individual piece.

Crepe Erase Body Repair Treatment, $54, Amazon

This advanced 2-step essentials system is for the "skin below the chin." The hydrating formula works to repair the dry, thin skin that appears and "feels like crepe paper." The first step uses gentle exfoliators to even your skin texture, while the second step "hosts a hydrating powerhouse of ingredients: olive oil, squalane, cocoa butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E and a trio of glycerides to lock in moisture and rejuvenate that dry, crepey texture," according to Bergamotto.

Moon Pod, $299, Moon Pod

This brand has proclaimed itself "the next revolution in relaxation." The custom-made beads that compose the Moon Pod are sourced from a sustainable manufacturer and are designed to mimic the lightweight feeling you experience during a flotation therapy session. Bergamotto noted that it is perfect for gamers, pets, teens and even the office.

Weighted Beach Towel, $48, BeachSheetz

Put that old sheet back in the linen closet before you head out for your next beach outing. These sand-resistant sheets are equipped with weighted corners to prevent them from flying away on a windy day. This SoCal-born invention comes with its own backpack for easy transport and storage after you've finished soaking up some sun. The turtle on the bag isn't just for show — the brand donates a portion of all of its profits to wildlife conservation organizations like the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation.

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