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6 easy DIY fall wreath ideas to use as front door decorations

These wreaths ideas are perfect way to welcome visitors in style this fall.
/ Source: TODAY

Temperatures are starting to dip and the leaves are changing colors — two sure signs fall has arrived and the holidays are around the corner. If you’ve removed all the summer decor and the halls look more wrecked than decked, consider taking a do-it-yourself approach to decorating your door.

Trish Suhr, the "Clean House" upcycling expert and resident "yard sale diva," said a few of her go-to wreath staples include leftover burlap, paper towel rolls, twigs, ribbon and spray paint.

“Here’s the great news about fall decor: It’s the only time of year you can go outside and literally pick something up off of the ground, throw some festive paint on it and suddenly it’s seasonal,” she told TODAY Home. “From a pinecone to a pineapple, it really is goof proof.”

Ready to decorate your own door? Here are six easy DIYs to try!

1. Simple fall floral wreath

DIY Simple Fall Floral Wreath
Courtesy \ Caroline O'Donnell

Get creative with florals this fall using seasonal ingredients as your guide — think bay leaves, persimmons and pepperberry. Add a wire wreath frame and a unique (and brilliantly fresh) wreath is within reach. The bonus? This one can be customized to whichever fall florals you love most. For more helpful hints, check out the full tutorial from Wild Folk Studio.

2. Indian corn wreath

DIY Indian Corn Wreath
Courtesy \ Yvonne Pratt

All you need for this impressive display is a straw wreath, hot glue and Indian corn. Using a liberal amount of glue to affix the corn to the wreath, this DIY comes together fairly quickly. For a few extra tips and corn suggestions, check out the full tutorial from StoneGable.

3. Felt leaf wreath

DIY Fall Felt Leaf Wreath
Courtesy \ Janine Waite

Foliage aficionados, this one’s for you! A metal hoop wreath, crafting wire and autumnal-hued felt bring this wreath to life. Worried about cutting all those tiny pieces? Happy Happy Nester’s full tutorial shares details on how to get all the leaves you need from each sheet of felt without a lot of waste.

4. Rainbow pumpkin wreath

DIY Rainbow Pumpkin Wreath
Courtesy \ Tara Gray

A collection of mini pumpkins and acrylic craft paint are all you need to create this colorful wreath. For an ombre rainbow look, Modern Maven suggests using 3-4 shades of each color of the rainbow. When your pumpkins are dry, affix them to an 8-inch wreath base using hot glue. We think Lisa Frank would be seriously impressed!

5. Autumn wheat and pheasant feather wreath

DIY Autumn Wheat and Pheasant Feather Wreath
Courtesy \ Melissa Riker

Grab a bundle of wheat and a straw wreath form and you’re halfway there. Attach the wheat pieces to the form using U-shaped florist pins and finish off your masterpiece with a few pheasant feathers. The Happier Homemaker suggests keeping the wreath wrapped to avoid a mess and offers additional suggestions for success in her full tutorial.

6. Magnolia leaf wreath

DIY Magnolia Wreath
Courtesy \ Ananda Yankellow

We imagine this shimmery magnolia wreath is something Joanna Gaines would hang on the door of her home. A collection of magnolia leaves coupled with some metallic paint, hot glue and cardboard (yes, cardboard) brings this creation to life. A Piece of Rainbow offers a step-by-step guide, as well as a great hack for making a wreath using one standard household item.