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This simple blue roll of tape is something all parents and homeowners need

6 amazing uses for painter's tape that go beyond the paintbrush.
/ Source: TODAY

If you thought that roll of blue painter's tape was meant solely for walls and window sashes, you're wrong. This dependable product can be described as a mash-up between masking tape and Post-It notes. It's sticky enough to stay put where you need it, but leaves no residue once it's removed. It's also highly visible, tears off easily, and is as multi-purpose as a jackknife.

Parents take note: carry a roll around in your diaper bag, emergency kit, day pack and mommy purse. It will come in handy more than you know.

Here are some other uses for painter's tape that go beyond the paintbrush:

1. Label jars and leftovers

If you buy your ingredients in bulk, or just want to know what's inside those Chinese food take-out containers, just scribble away and create a quick label.

2. Baby proofing

When tiny hands start exploring around the home, power outlets and drawers can quickly become a parent's worst nightmare. Painter's tape is tacky enough to stay put and thwart accidents. Pack a roll on vacation, and continue baby-proofing at the hotel, too. (Bonus: When you're with kids in public restrooms, use painter's tape to cover up unpredictable toilet and faucet sensors.)

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3. Prevent cord confusion

Before you unplug the wrong thing (again), use bits of tape to create mini labels of your different gadgets and electronics.

4. Form a hot zone around the kitchen stove

Keep little people away from hot appliances by creating a no-entry zone around the oven. Just place tape on the floor around the appliance, and instruct kids to stay back.

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5. Lay out room furniture ahead of time

Not sure if all the furniture you love will fit in your new room? Here, painter's tape is your new best friend. Simply lay out the dimensions of the furniture on the floor using the tape. It will create a visual that's easy to work with and modify. Before you move furniture in, just remove the tape and stage away.

6. Create easy indoor games for kids (minus the mess)

For rainy day moments and instant mood lifters for bored kids, tear off tape and create hopscotch squares or mini-raceways on the floor of the house. The kids will love you for it, and you'll love that there's virtually no effort and no mess.