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5 Insta-famous inventions you should have on your radar

Including the rug that can be cleaned in your washing machine!
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes the things you're looking for are right under your nose — or on your Instagram feed. Instagram just might be one of the top spots to discover and shop for nifty products and inventions that you wish you'd come up with yourself.

Lori Bergamotto, style director for Good Housekeeping, is back on TODAY to share even more amazing products that are taking over everyone's social media feeds this year! These products are designed to enhance your daily life and lend solutions to problems you've left unsolved for far too long.

From a comforter that can keep you cool all night (thus helping you sleep better!) to washable rugs, here are some of Bergamotto's top finds.

Ruggable Rug in Noor Sapphire

Vacuuming rugs is enough of a chore, and having to spot-clean every time the dog goes to the bathroom on the rug can be all the more taxing. Enter Ruggable. They've invented a rug that you can wash in the washing machine time and time again, so you can kiss that carpet cleaner goodbye! Simply detach the rug from the rug pad and throw it in the washing machine. The rugs are available in many different prints and sizes, ranging from 2.5'x7' to 8'10' — so you can find the perfect size for your living room or your kid's dorm room this fall.

Get Sunday Weed Warrior

Lush, green grass without an expensive lawn care service — where can we sign up? Bergamotto described Sunday as an easy way to do "one-stop shopping for your lawn." The company first creates a plan that is customized for your landscape, and then will ship you the proper nutrients that you need to build fertile soil and a healthy lawn. The full year Smart Lawn Plan starts at just $129 a year. The best part? Many of the ingredients are naturally derived. If a lawn plan isn't on your list of necessities, the company also offers weed control products, such as "Weed Warrior" and "Dandelion Doom," which cost $24 for two bottles.

Buffy Breeze Comforter

Buffy White Sheet Set

Both the comforter and sheet set are crafted from botanical ingredients and offer cooling effects for users. The Breeze comforter is a down-alternative comforter that can keep you cool all night long, while the sheets are "made of super-soft, earth-friendly 100% eucalyptus fabric," according to Buffy's website, and they are also sustainably produced in their own mills. If you want to try these soft comforters and sheets yourself, Buffy offers a free trial period — so you're only charged if you decide to keep the products!

HairFeel Stick

Fly-aways can ruin any good hair day, no matter how much product you use. Enter the HairFeel stick, which you might confuse for mascara at a first glance. Formulated with jojoba oil and camelia oil, this hairspray alternative works to hold your hair in place while strengthening and conditioning it without any flaking.


Summer isn't over yet! If you're tired of bringing home enough sand in your beach towel to make your own beach, this sand-resistant, water-resistant and heat-resistant towel just might be an easy solution. According to the BeachSheetz's website, the towel is large enough to fit three adults or a family. The weighted corners keep it from flying away when those sudden bursts of wind roll through the beach, and when your beach day is over you can pack the towel up in the included backpack. The best part? A portion of all profits is donated to marine wildlife charities.

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