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3 ways to turn dollar store finds into fancy-looking farmhouse decor

See how one designer completely transformed inexpensive dollar store products into the prettiest home decor!
/ Source: TODAY

Just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t look expensive, as one blogger proved by transforming some dollar store items.

Katie Alberter, who runs the blog Little House of Four, found some random products at her local Dollar Tree and DIYed them into the prettiest farmhouse-style decor pieces for her home. The results maybe inspire you to break out your crafting supplies.

Wire Baskets

Dollar store crafts
One of these generic wire baskets is about to get the coolest DIY upgrade.Little House of Four

You can usually find different-sized wire baskets on the shelves at the dollar store. They’re usually pretty generic, but as Alberter showed us, you can really make it into something fun with a little creativity.

The wire basket now looks sleek and fancy attached to a chalk message board.Little House of Four

She created a magnetic chalkboard and attached the wire basket to the front. To make the white basket feel more upscale, she sprayed on a few coats of an oil-rubbed bronze paint and then dressed it up with a fancy adhesive label. The basket is now the perfect place to hold chalk for her message board. See the full project tutorial here.

Storage Drawers

These inexpensive storage drawers are useful, but the color and design might not go well with your home's decor.Little House of Four

Alberter grabbed some mini plastic storage drawers from the Dollar Tree. While they were functional, the blue color didn't necessarily scream “industrial farmhouse.” But with a few craft supplies, she totally transformed the drawers into a piece that fit right into her decor scheme.

Can you believe these are the same drawers as before?Little House of Four

After sanding down the blue shelvess, she sprayed them with oil-rubbed bronze paint. For the drawers themselves, she added gold labels and replaced the original pulls with small wooden buttons used as knobs. To make the drawers feel less flimsy, she cut thin balsa wood to size, stained it an espresso color, and glued the pieces to the sides of the plastic frame.

The drawers are now functional and pretty. See the full project tutorial here.

Alphabet Blocks

Most parents have a set of these blocks for their kids, but they probably don't want them displayed in their living room.Little House of Four

If your kids have outgrown alphabet blocks, don't throw them out just yet. They can easily be used as home decor! Alberter found some inexpensive blocks at the dollar store and turned them into a sophisticated wood-block calendar.

These transformed alphabet blocks are so pretty!Little House of Four

She painted the blocks with a black chalk-finish paint. Then she printed letters and cut them to size, applying them to the blocks with Mod Podge. Finally, she whipped up a display ledge with some wood and glue. It’s the perfect place to display the date or welcome guests with notes like, “Hello.” See the full tutorial here.

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