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3 new Halloween decorations you have to see to believe

by Danielle Moskowitz and Jordan Muto / / Source: TODAY

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Forget about traditional jack-o'-lanterns and faux cobwebs! This year Halloween decor is getting a funky twist thanks to three new trends that are blowing up on social media. From Christmas trees that are decked out with all the spooky trimmings to carved pineapples, these aren't your typical Halloween decorations.

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1. Halloween Christmas Trees

This Halloween season there is a new trend making waves everywhere: Halloween-themed Christmas trees!

People are now starting to put up and decorate trees around their houses in October rather than starting in late November or December.

But these trees aren’t your typical Christmas trees. These trees are spookier! Rather than the usual candy canes, tinsel and mini snowman ornaments, these trees are decorated with cobwebs and ornaments shaped like skulls and pumpkins.

Some are also replacing the Christmas angel at the top of the tree with skeletons. Spooktacular!

Instead of waiting to bring down the tree from the attic after Thanksgiving, now you can just simply swap out the decorations after Halloween is over! Easy peasy!

2. Pumpkin Dioramas

This unusual way to decorate pumpkins is one of the coolest carving trends we've seen yet.

Now you and your family can get crafty together and create a diorama inside of the pumpkin. If you're curious, check out this spooky wolf tutorial at Country Living.

Country Living

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The dioramas look way harder than they actually are. Start off by carving out the front side of the pumpkin. You can even paint the pumpkin a different color if you want!

Then, cut a Styrofoam block and glue it inside the pumpkin for the backdrop.

Once you do that, add some spooky decorations to personalize your pumpkin! This pumpkin decoration method is practically mess-free and offers a unique twist to the traditional pumpkin carving. If you need more inspiration, check out this haunting house tutorial at Lia Griffith.

Lia Griffith

3. Pineapple Jack-O'-Lanterns

Halloween is officially getting a tropical twist, and we like it!

We know the thought of tropical and Halloween being paired together might seem weird, but you might think twice once you see how well these two things actually go together.

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Move over pumpkins because this year it's all about pineapples. Instead of using the traditional bright orange pumpkin to carve out ghoulish jack-o'-lanterns, people are using good 'ole pineapples to create boo-tiful designs. Sure it's different, but we think it brings a sweet twist to typical decorations.

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